The Fitness Doctor: Why You Just Can’t Seem to Lose Weight

Does this sound familiar? It’s the new year, and you say to yourself, “this is the year I am going to get in shape!” You spend weeks sticking to your diet, eating salads every day for dinner.
You make an effort to exercise as much as possible. You make sacrifices, like

Akron Irish: Naked and Afraid-The Armada Edition

Lisa O’Rourke recounts the harrowing survival story of Captain Francisco de Cuellar, a Spanish Armada captain who found himself shipwrecked and stranded in Ireland in 1591. He endured hardships, encountered English soldiers, and faced perilous situations while wandering naked and afraid. The story sheds light on the challenges he faced and the hospitality he eventually received from the Irish. O’Rourke also reflects on the complexities of historical morality and power struggles during that era.

Éasca Péasca: Student Stories: An Irish Minor

Easca Peasca: Student Stories: An Irish MinorBy Kayleigh Phillips Dia dhuit! Is mise Kayleigh. Táim sa rang Gaeilge 4 ag Pitt le mórán daoine iontacha! If, three years ago, someone told […]

11th International Festival: Toledo Sister Cities

Toledo Irish: Toledo Sister Cities: 11th International Festival   By: Molly McHugh After two years of postponement, the Toledo Sister Cities International Festival returned to downtown Toledo on June 25th […]

Blowin’ In: A Winter Night

Blowin’ In: A Winter Night By Susan Mangan “Ah, yes! For we are gathered here to celebrate and explore the music of Winter, the season of frosts and long dark […]