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Additional distribution at Irish businesses, festivals, music and special events/functions and more. Our subscribers are in 21 U.S. states, Canada, and in Ireland.

Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New York.

and coming to Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and ….stay tuned.



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IDDistributor AddressCitycountystateZip
1Carney's Top Of The Flats 1329 Washington Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
2Harbor Inn Café 1219 Main Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
3Shooter's On The Water 1148 Main Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
4Music Box Supper Club 1148 Main Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
5McCarthy's Downtown 1231 Main Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
6Flat Iron Café 1114 Center St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
7BrewDog Cleveland 1956 Carter Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
8Gillespie's Map Room 1281 W. 9th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
9Constantino's Market 1278 W. 9th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
10Dworken & Bernstein 1468 W. 9th St. Suite 135ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
11Barley House 1261 W. 6th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
12Cuyahoga County Courthouse 1 Lakeside Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
13Cleveland CVB 334 Euclid Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44114
14Cleveland Public Library / Main / Stokes Wing 525 Superior Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44114
15Rising Star Coffee Roasters 412 Superior Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44114
16Southern Tier Brewpub 811 Prospect Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44115
17Flannery's Pub 323 Prospect Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44115
18Cuyahoga County Administration Bldg. 2079 E. 9th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44115
19Global Cleveland 1422 Euclid Ave. Suite 1652ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44115
20Café Ah'Roma 2230 Euclid Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44115
21Cleveland Public Library / Sterling 2200 E. 30th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44115
22Tri-C Metro Campus 2900 Community College Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44115
23Local 310 / Terry Joyce 3250 Euclid Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44115
24Superior Restaurant 3000 Superior Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44114
25Democratic Party HQ 3615 Superior Ave. #4401AClevelandCuyahogaOhio44114
26Cuyahoga County Board Of Elections 2928 Euclid Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44115
27Becky's Downtown 1762 E. 18th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44114
28CSU Urban Affairs Bldg. 1710 Euclid Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44115
29Parnell's Irish Pub 1415 Euclid Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44115
30Reserve Square 1701 E. 12th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44114
31Masthead Brewing Co. 1261 Superior Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44114
32Galleria At Erieview 1301 E. 9th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44114
33Noble Beast Brewery 1470 Lakeside Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44114
34Cleveland City Hall 601 Lakeside Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44114
35Cleveland Bagel Co. 7501 Carnegie Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44103
36Cleveland Public Library / MLK Jr. 1962 Stokes Blvd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44106
37UH Seidman Center 11100 Euclid Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44106
38UH University Mednet Atrium 2030 Cornell Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44106
39Dave's Cosmic Subs & Music 11310 Juniper Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44106
40Coffeehouse at University Circle 11300 Juniper Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44106
41Western Reserve Historical Society 10825 East Blvd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44106
42Cleveland Natural History Museum 1 Wade Oval Dr.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44106
43Grum's 1776 Coventry Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
44Phoenix Coffee Co. 1793 Coventry Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
45Mac's Backs Paperbooks 1820 Coventry Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
46Tommy's 1824 Coventry Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
47Inn On Coventry 2785a Euclid Hts. Blvd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
48The Grog Shop 2785b Euclid Hts. Blvd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
49Coventry Public Library 1925 Coventry Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
50Parnell's Irish Pub 12425 Cedar Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44106
51Luna Bakery & Café 2482 Fairmount Blvd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44106
52Cleveland Hts. Public Library 2345 Lee Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
53The Tavern Co. 2299 Lee Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
54Phoenix Coffee Co. 2287 Lee Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
55Voodoo Brewery 2279 Lee Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
56Stone Oven 2267 Lee Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
57The Kensington Pub 2260 Lee Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
58Rudy's Pub 2191 Lee Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
59Boss Dog Brewery 2179 Lee Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
60University Hts. Public Library 13866 Cedar Rd.Univ. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
61O'Rielly's Pub & Grill 13914 Cedar Rd.Univ. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
62Bottlehouse Brewing Co. 2050 Lee Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
63Rising Star Coffee Roasters 1975 Lee Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
64Cleveland Hts. Recreation Center 1 Monticello Blvd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44118
65Noble Neighborhood Library 2800 Noble Rd.Cleve. Hts.CuyahogaOhio44121
66Johnny Malloy's 4350 Mayfield Rd.S. EuclidCuyahogaOhio44121
67Black Forest 4368 Mayfield Rd.S. EuclidCuyahogaOhio44121
68Winking Lizard Tavern 1355 SOM Center Rd.Mayfield Hts.CuyahogaOhio44124
69Burgers 2 Beer 6323 Wilson Mills Rd.Highland Hts.CuyahogaOhio44143
70Phoenix Coffee Co. 3000 Bridge Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
71Johnny Mango World Bar & Café 3120 Bridge Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
72Cleveland Public Library / Carnegie West 1900 Fulton Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
73Arsenal Cider House 4507 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
74Hansa Brewery 2717 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
75The West Side Market 1979 W. 25th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
76Reilly's Irish Bakery 1979 W. 25th St. C-11ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
77Nano Brew Cleveland 1859 W. 25th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
78JUKEBOX 1404 W. 29th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
79Saucy Brew Works 2885 Detroit Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
80Rising Star Coffee Roasters 1455 W. 29th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
81Bookhouse Brewing 1526 W. 25th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
82Old Angle Tavern 1848 W. 25th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
83Dave's Ohio City Market 2700 Carroll Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
84ABC the Tavern 1872 W. 25th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
85Koffie Café 2517 Market Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
86Brick & Barrell Brewery 1844 Columbus Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
87Major Hoopple's 1930 Columbus Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
88Civilization 2366 W. 11th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
89The Treehouse 820 College Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
90Edison's Pub 2373 Professor Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
91Flying Monkey Pub 2423 Professor Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
92Cleveland Public Library / Jefferson 850 Jefferson Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
93Prosperity Social Club 1109 Starkweather Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
94Grumpy's Cafe 2621 W. 14th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
95Lincoln Park Pub 2609 W. 14th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
96Cleveland Public Library / South 3096 Scranton Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
97Cleveland Public Library / Fulton 3545 Fulton Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44109
98Cleveland Public Library / Lorain 8216 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
99Cleveland Public Library / Eastman 11602 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
100Pride Of Erin 12228 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
101The Winchester 12112 Madison Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
102Lakewood Public Library 13229 Madison Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
103Tarrymore Inn 13356 Madison Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
104Bottlehouse Brewery & Mead Hall 13368 Madison Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
105Rising Star Coffee Roasters 13368 Madison Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
106McGinty's 13751 Madison Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
107Goodkind Coffee 15526 Madison Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
108O'Donnell's Pub 16204 Madison Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
109Mullen's On Madison 17014 Madison Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
110Buckeye Beer Engine 15315 Madison Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
111Kelly's Pub 13525 Lakewood Hts. Blvd.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
112Style Mutt 3525 Warren Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
113iIrish / John O'Brien Jr. 14615 Triskett Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
114Cleveland Public Library / Rockport 4421 W. 140th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44135
115Cleveland West Park YMCA 15501 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
1165 Points Coffee & Tea 3600 W. Park Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
117Cleveland Public Library / West Park 3805 W. 157th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
118Irish 32 15715 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
119Throwbacks Pub 16612 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
120Hatfield's Goode Grub 16700 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
121Souper Market 16804 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
122Smedley's 17004 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
123West Bark Dog Grooming 17008 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
124West Park Beauty Salon 17100 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
125Common Grounds Coffee Shop 17104 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
126Dad's Smoke Shop 17112 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
127West Park Barber Shop Premier Lounge 17134 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
128Peace, Love & Little Donuts 3786 Rocky River Dr.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
129Imagine That & More 3756 Rocky River Dr.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
130West Park Barber Shop 17456 Lorain Ave. Suite DClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
131Working Class Brewery 17448 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
132Public House 17219 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44113
133Savor the Moment 4080 Rocky River Dr.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44135
134Chambers Funeral Home 4420 Rocky River Dr.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44135
135Riverside Pub 4361 Rocky River Dr.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44135
136VIP 4107 Rocky River Dr.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44135
137Michael Gallagher DDS 17007 Albers Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
138Backstage Bar 17007 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
139West Park Station 17015 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
140Only In CLE 17025 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
141Brady Campbell I.D. School /O'Malley I.D.A. 17119 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
142PJ McIntyre's 17119 Lorain Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44111
143Gormley's Pub 19500 Center Ridge Rd.Rocky RiverCuyahogaOhio44116
144Sean The Irish Barber 19512 Center Ridge Rd.Rocky RiverCuyahogaOhio44116
145Casey's Irish Imports 19626 Center Ridge Rd.Rocky RiverCuyahogaOhio44116
146Rocky River Brewing Co. 21290 Center Ridge Rd.Rocky RiverCuyahogaOhio44116
147Gunselman's To Go 21800 Center Ridge Rd.Rocky RiverCuyahogaOhio44116
148Fairview Park Gemini Center 21225 Lorain Rd.Fairview ParkCuyahogaOhio44126
149Troubadour Coffee Roasters 21380 Lorain Rd.Fairview ParkCuyahogaOhio44126
150Gunselman's Tavern 21490 Lorain Rd.Fairview ParkCuyahogaOhio44126
151Fairview Tavern 21867 Lorain Rd.Fairview ParkCuyahogaOhio44126
152Martin J. Chambers DDS 21990 Lorain Rd.Fairview ParkCuyahogaOhio44126
153Burke School Of Irish Dance 22374 Lorain Rd.Fairview ParkCuyahogaOhio44126
154Reilly's Irish Bakery 22560 Lorain Rd.Fairview ParkCuyahogaOhio44126
155Reggie's Saloon 22830 Lorain Rd.Fairview ParkCuyahogaOhio44126
156Bonnie's Bar & Grill 22811 Lorain Rd.Fairview ParkCuyahogaOhio44126
157Fat Heads Brewery 24581 Lorain Rd.N. OlmstedCuyahogaOhio44070
158Chambers Funeral Home 29150 Lorain Rd.N. OlmstedCuyahogaOhio44070
159Emerald Village 30344 Lorain Rd.N. OlmstedCuyahogaOhio44070
160Ahern Catering 29601 Lorain Rd.N. OlmstedCuyahogaOhio44070
161Westlake Porter Library 27333 Center Ridge Rd.WestlakeCuyahogaOhio44145
162Hail Mary's 27828 Center Ridge Rd.WestlakeCuyahogaOhio44145
163Westlake Recreation Center 28955 Hilliard Blvd.WestlakeCuyahogaOhio44145
164Westlake Community & Senior Center 28975 Hilliard Blvd.WestlakeCuyahogaOhio44145
165Tri-C West 31001 Clemens Rd.WestlakeCuyahogaOhio44145
166Sibling Revelry Brewing 29305 Clemens Rd.WestlakeCuyahogaOhio44145
167Java Bay 27225 Bay PlazaBay VillageCuyahogaOhio44140
168Mojo's Coffee & More 600 Dover Center Rd.Bay VillageCuyahogaOhio44140
169Leneghan Academy Of Irish Dance 27327 Detroit Rd.WestlakeCuyahogaOhio44145
170Hooley House 24940 Sperry Dr.WestlakeCuyahogaOhio44145
171Courtyard Marriott 25050 Sperry Dr.WestlakeCuyahogaOhio44145
172Quinn's Kitchen & Bar 25517 Eaton WayBay VillageCuyahogaOhio44140
173Loco Leprechaun 24545 Center Ridge Rd.WestlakeCuyahogaOhio44145
174Tim Smith 1129 Chatham Pl.Rocky RiverCuyahogaOhio44116
175Rocky River Public Library 1600 Hampton Rd.Rocky RiverCuyahogaOhio44116
176The Gentleman Barber 19248 Detroit Rd.Rocky RiverCuyahogaOhio44116
177Blackbird Baking Company 1391 Sloane Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
178Immigrant Son Brewery 18120 Sloane Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
179Breadsmith 18101 Detroit Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
180Beck Center For The Arts 17801 Detroit Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
181Lakewood YMCA 16915 Detroit Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
182Plank Road Tavern 16719 Detroit Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
183Merry Arts Lounge 15607 1/2 Detroit Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
184Lakewood Public Library 15425 Detroit Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
185The Root Café 15118 Detroit Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
186Rozi's Wine House 14900 Detroit Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
187Solstice 14810 Detroit Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
188Melt Bar & Grilled 14718 Detroit Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
189Winking Lizard Tavern 14018 Detroit Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
190Lakewood Social House 13601 Detroit Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
191Ennis Court 13315 Detroit Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
192Corky's Place 13302 Detroit Ave.LakewoodCuyahogaOhio44107
193The Brother's Lounge 11609 Detroit Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
194Liquid Fresh Planet 11002 Clifton Blvd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
195Don's Lighthouse 8905 Lake Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
196McNamara's 8911 Lake Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
197Studios At W. 78th St. 1300 W. 78th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
198All Saints Public House 1261 W. 76th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
199Terrestrial Brewing Co. 7524 Father Frascati Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
200Cleveland Public Library / Walz 7910 Detroit Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
201St. Augustine Health Campus 7801 Detroit Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
202Ready Set Coffee Roasters 7306 Detroit Ave. Suite 101ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
203Stone Mad 1306 W. 65th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
204Capitol Theatre 1390 W. 65th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
205Gypsy Beans 6425 Detroit Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
206XYZ the Tavern 6419 Detroit Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
207Cleveland Public Theatre 6415 Detroit Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
208The Happy Dog 5801 Detroit Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
209Parkview Nite Club 1261 W. 58th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
210Cleveland Bagel Co. 4201 Detroit Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
211The Harp 4408 Detroit Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44102
212Cleveland Metroparks Administration 4101 Fulton Pkwy.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44144
213Murphy's Law 5303 Memphis Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44144
214Kenny's Tavern 4227 Fulton Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44144
215Dina's Pizza & Pub 5701 Memphis Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44144
216McG's Pub & Grub 6815 Memphis Ave.BrooklynCuyahogaOhio44144
217Biddulph Beverage 6980 Biddulph Rd.BrooklynCuyahogaOhio44144
218Hooley House 10310 Cascade CrossingBrooklynCuyahogaOhio44144
219Metropolitan Coffee 4744 Broadview Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44109
220Anglo-American Darts 5378 State Rd.ParmaCuyahogaOhio44134
221Cuyahoga County Public Library / Shipping 2121 Snow Rd.ParmaCuyahogaOhio44134
222Tri-C West 11000 Pleasant Valley Rd.ParmaCuyahogaOhio44130
223Tony Maloney's 9387 Sprague Rd.N. RoyaltonCuyahogaOhio44133
224Hooley House 500 South Park Cntr. GL10StrongsvilleCuyahogaOhio44136
225Mulligan's Bar & Grille 20880 Royalton Rd.StrongsvilleCuyahogaOhio44149
226Next Day Signs 12750 Prospect Rd.StrongsvilleCuyahogaOhio44149
227Café Ah Roma 38 W. Bridge St.BereaCuyahogaOhio44017
228Cornerstone Brewing Co. 58 Front St.BereaCuyahogaOhio44017
229Mike's Bar & Grill 130 Front St.BereaCuyahogaOhio44017
230Berea Recreation Center 451 Front St.BereaCuyahogaOhio44017
231Chambers Funeral Home 86 Adalbert St.BereaCuyahogaOhio44017
232Distributech 682 W. Bagley Rd. Unit A-4BereaCuyahogaOhio44017
233O'Reilly's Trolly House Pub & Grille 7066 Columbia Rd.Olmsted FallsCuyahogaOhio44138
234William J. Hayes DDS 7172 Columbia Rd.Olmsted FallsCuyahogaOhio44138
235Westside IAC 8559 Jennings Rd.Olmsted Twsp.CuyahogaOhio44138
236The Brew Kettle 8377 Pearl Rd.StrongsvilleCuyahogaOhio44136
237Middleburg Hts. Community & Rec. Center 16000 Bagley Rd.Middleburg Hts.CuyahogaOhio44130
238Fat Heads Brewery, Beer Hall & Restaurant 17450 Engle Rd.Middleburg Hts.CuyahogaOhio44130
239Erin's Pub 42 5542 Pearl Rd.ParmaCuyahogaOhio44129
240Danny Mac's Irish Pub 4920 Pearl Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44109
241Cleveland Public Library / South Brooklyn 4303 Pearl Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44109
242Cleveland Public Library / Brooklyn 3706 Pearl Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44109
24349 Street Tavern 4129 E. 49th St.Newburgh Hts.CuyahogaOhio44105
244Cleveland Public Library / Fleet 7224 Broadway Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44105
245Cleveland Public Library / Woodland 5906 Woodland Ave. ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44104
246Cleveland Public Library / Garden Valley 7201 Kinsman Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44104
247Cleveland Public Library / Union 3463 E. 93rd St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44104
248Cleveland Public Library / Rice 11535 Shaker Blvd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44104
249Cleveland Public Library / E. 131st St. 3830 E. 131st St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44120
250Cleveland Public Library / Mt. Pleasant 14000 Kinsman Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44120
251Shaker Hts. Public Library 16500 Van Aken Blvd.Shaker Hts.CuyahogaOhio44120
252Shaker Hts. Public Library 20600 Fayette Rd.Shaker Hts.CuyahogaOhio44122
253Cleveland Public Library / Harvard-Lee 16918 Harvard Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44128
254Murphy Irish Arts Center 24000 Mercantile Rd. Suite 10BeachwoodCuyahogaOhio44122
255Winking Lizard 25800 Central Pkwy.BeachwoodCuyahogaOhio44122
256Nervous Dog Coffeehouse 2101 Richmond Rd.BeachwoodCuyahogaOhio44122
257Tri-C Eastern Campus 4250 Richmond Rd.Highland HillsCuyahogaOhio44122
258Winking Lizard 25380 Miles Rd.Bedford Hts.CuyahogaOhio44146
259Lizardville 25380 Miles Rd.Bedford Hts.CuyahogaOhio44146
260Solon Community & Recreation Center 35000 Portz Pkwy.SolonCuyahogaOhio44139
261Brecksville Community & Rec. Center 1 Community Dr.BrecksvilleCuyahogaOhio44141
262Coffee Club Café 500 E. Royalton Rd.Broadview Hts.CuyahogaOhio44147
263Boneyard 101 E. Royalton Rd.Broadview Hts.CuyahogaOhio44147
264Regina Health Center / Colleen Corrigan 5232 Broadview Rd. RichfieldCuyahogaOhio44286
265Broadview Hts. Civic & Rec. Complex 9543 Broadview Rd. Broadview Hts.CuyahogaOhio44147
266Seven Hills Community & Rec. Complex 7777 Summitviewe Dr.Seven HillsCuyahogaOhio44131
267Independence Community & Rec. Center 6363 Selig Dr.IndependenceCuyahogaOhio44131
268The Fitness Doctor 6571 Brecksville Rd. #2IndependenceCuyahogaOhio44131
269Winking Lizard Tavern 6111 Quarry Ln.IndependenceCuyahogaOhio44131
270Melt Bar & Grilled 6700 Rockside Rd.IndependenceCuyahogaOhio44131
271Goldhorn Brewery 1361 E. 55th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44103
272Cleveland Public Library / Addison 6901 Superior Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44103
273Cleveland Public Library / Hough 6530 Lexington Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44103
274Cleveland Public Library / Langston Hughes 10200 Superior Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44106
275Cleveland Public Library / Glenville 11900 St. Clair Ave.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44108
276East Cleveland Public Library 14101 Euclid Ave.East ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44112
277Cleveland Public Library / Collinwood 856 E. 152nd St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44110
278Treelawn Social Club 15335 Waterloo Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44110
279Beachland Ballroom & Tavern 15711 Waterloo Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44110
280Millard Fillmore Presidential Library 15617 Waterloo Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44110
281Six Shooter Coffee 15613 Waterloo Rd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44110
282Collinwood Recreation Center 16300 Lakeshore Blvd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44110
283Cleveland Public Library / Nottingham 17109 Lakeshore Blvd.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44110
284Muldoon's Saloon Eatery 1020 E. 185th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44119
285Gus's Diner 185 797 E. 185th St.ClevelandCuyahogaOhio44119
286Cebar's Euclid Tavern 595 E. 185th St.EuclidCuyahogaOhio44119
287Tradewinds Lounge 319 E. 200th St.EuclidCuyahogaOhio44119
288Paragon 21920 Lakeshore Blvd.EuclidCuyahogaOhio44123
289Lakeshore Coffee House 22032 Lakeshore Blvd.EuclidCuyahogaOhio44123
290Euclid Community & Senior Center 1 Bliss Ln.EuclidCuyahogaOhio44123
291East Side Irish American Club 22770 Lakeshore Blvd.EuclidCuyahogaOhio44123
292Euclid Public Library 631 E. 222nd St.EuclidCuyahogaOhio44123
293Skinny's Bar & Grille 780 E. 222nd St.EuclidCuyahogaOhio44123
294Bar 23 922 E. 222nd St.EuclidCuyahogaOhio44123
295Wickliffe Public Library 1713 Lincoln Rd.WickliffeGeaugaOhio44092
296Wickliffe Civic & Senior Center 900 Worden Rd.WickliffeGeaugaOhio44092
297Bridget Burkett 29650 Franklin Ave.WickliffeGeaugaOhio44092
298Joey's Avenue Eatery 30133 Euclid Ave.WickliffeGeaugaOhio44092
299Bogside Bar & Grille 1079 E. 305th St.WillowickGeaugaOhio44095
300Willoughby Hills Public Library 35400 Chardon Rd.Will. HillsGeaugaOhio44094
301Craggy Bogland's 4857 Robinhood Dr.WilloughbyGeaugaOhio44094
302McMahnon-Coyne-Vitantonio Funeral Home 38001 Euclid Ave.WilloughbyGeaugaOhio44094
303Irish Crossroads Gift Shop 38015 Euclid Ave.WilloughbyGeaugaOhio44094
304Nora's Public House 4054 Erie St.WilloughbyGeaugaOhio44094
305Westel's Alibi & Hush 4084 Erie St.WilloughbyGeaugaOhio44094
306Celtic Law Jewelry 4090 Erie St.WilloughbyGeaugaOhio44094
307Mullarky's 4110 Erie St.WilloughbyGeaugaOhio44094
308Arabica Coffee House 4138 Erie St.WilloughbyGeaugaOhio44094
309The Wild Goose 4144 Erie St.WilloughbyGeaugaOhio44094
310Fiona's Coffee Bar & Bakery 4148 Erie St.WilloughbyGeaugaOhio44094
311Willoughby Public Library 30 Public Sq.WilloughbyGeaugaOhio44094
312Fine Arts Association 38660 Mentor Ave.WilloughbyGeaugaOhio44094
313Melt Bar & Grilled 7289 Mentor Ave.MentorGeaugaOhio44060
314Kirtland Public Library 9267 Chillicothe Rd.KirtlandGeaugaOhio44094
315Lakeland Community College 7700 Clocktower Dr.KirtlandGeaugaOhio44094
316Hooley House 7861 Reynolds Rd.MentorGeaugaOhio44060
317Robert L. Moore Atty. 8500 Station St. Suite 317MentorGeaugaOhio44060
318Mentor Public Library 8215 Mentor Ave.MentorGeaugaOhio44060
319Mama Roberto's 8658 Mentor Ave.MentorGeaugaOhio44060
320Winking Lizard 9570 Mentor Ave.MentorGeaugaOhio44060
321Conway Land Title Co. 162 Main St.PainesvilleGeaugaOhio44070
322Painesville Morley Public Library 184 Phelps St.PainesvilleGeaugaOhio44070
323Sammy's Restaurant 625 River St.Grand RiverGeaugaOhio44045
324Pickle Bills 101 River St.Grand RiverGeaugaOhio44045
325Brennan's Fish House 102 River St.Grand RiverGeaugaOhio44045
326Mentor Community & Senior Center 8484 Munson Rd.MentorGeaugaOhio44060
327Mentor OTL Public Library 5642 Andrews Rd.Mentor-OTLGeaugaOhio44060
328Anderson's Sports Pub & Eatery 6082 Andrews Rd.Mentor-OTLGeaugaOhio44060
329Toth's Too 7079 Lakeshore Blvd.MentorGeaugaOhio44095
330Eastlake Public Library 36706 Lakeshore Blvd.EastlakeGeaugaOhio44095
331Crowley's 35647 Vine St.EastlakeGeaugaOhio44095
332Willowick Public Library 263 E. 305th St.WillowickGeaugaOhio44095
333Crooked Pecker Brewing Co. 8284 E. Washington St.Chagrin FallsGeaugaOhio44023
334Bainbridge Public Library 17222 Snyder Rd.BainbridgeGeaugaOhio44023
335Geauga West Public Library 13455 Chillicothe Rd.ChesterlandGeaugaOhio44026
336Egan Irish Dance 8389 Mayfield Rd.ChesterlandGeaugaOhio44026
337Geauga County Public Library 12701 Ravenwood Dr.ClaridonGeaugaOhio44024
338Chardon Public Library 110 E. Park St.ChardonGeaugaOhio44024
339Molly's 200 Center St. #BChardonGeaugaOhio44024
340Lorain Public Library / N. Ridgeville 35700 Bainbridge Rd.N. RidgevilleLorainOhio44039
341Elyria Public Library System / Central 211 Second St.ElyriaLorainOhio44035
342Elyria Public Library System / South 340 15th St.ElyriaLorainOhio44035
343Elyria Public Library System / W. River 1194 W. River Rd. NElyriaLorainOhio44035
344Lorain Public Library / S. Lorain 2121 Homewood Dr.LorainLorainOhio44055
345Amherst Public Library 221 Spring St.AmherstLorainOhio44001
346Brewkettle 300 Church St.AmherstLorainOhio44001
347Lorain Public Library / Main 351 W. 6th St.LorainLorainOhio44052
348Lorain Public Library / Domonkas 4125 E. Lake Rd.Sheffield LakeLorainOhio44054
349Lorain County Community College 1005 N. Abbe Rd.ElyriaLorainOhio44035
350Elyria Public Library System / LCCC 1005 N. Abbe Rd.ElyriaLorainOhio44035
351Lorain Public Library / Avon 37485 Harvest Ave.AvonLorainOhio44011
352Mulligan's Pub & Grille 38244 Colorado Ave.AvonLorainOhio44011
353Avon Brewing Co. 37040 Detroit Rd.AvonLorainOhio44011
354Winking Lizard Tavern 2125 Center Rd.AvonLorainOhio44011
355Rio Coffee Brewery 33388 Walker Rd.Avon LakeLorainOhio44012
356Avon Lake Public Library 32649 Electric Blvd.Avon LakeLorainOhio44012
357Winking Lizard 3634 Center Rd.BrunswickMedinaOhio44212
358Brunswick Community & Recreation Center 3637 Center Rd.BrunswickMedinaOhio44212
359Brunswick Community Public Library 3649 Center Rd.BrunswickMedinaOhio44212
360Donutland 1321 Pearl Rd.BrunswickMedinaOhio44212
361Gandalf's Pub & Restaurant 6757 Center Rd.Valley CityMedinaOhio44280
362Joe Casey 1838 Baythorn WayBrunswickMedinaOhio44212
363Johnny Malloy's 1038 N. Court St.MedinaMedinaOhio44256
364Cool Beans Café 103 W. Liberty St.MedinaMedinaOhio44256
365Sully's Irish Pub 117 W. Liberty St.MedinaMedinaOhio44256
366Medina Brewing Co. 320 S. Court St. G9MedinaMedinaOhio44256
367Medina County Public Library 210 S. Broadway St.MedinaMedinaOhio44256
368Sonnet's Coffee & Tea 117 College St.WadsworthMedinaOhio44281
369Wadsworth Public Library 132 Broad St.WadsworthMedinaOhio44281
370Akron-Summit County Public Library 9458 Olde 8 Rd.NorthfieldSummitOhio44067
371Winking Lizard Tavern 511 E. Aurora Rd.MacedoniaSummitOhio44056
372Twinsburg Public Library 10050 Ravenna Rd.TwinsburgSummitOhio44087
373Mavis Winkle's 8870 Darrow Rd.TwinsburgSummitOhio44087
374Hudson Public Library 96 Library St.HudsonSummitOhio44236
375The Brew Kettle 11 Atterbury Blvd.HudsonSummitOhio44236
376Brubaker's Pub 5823 Darrow Rd.HudsonSummitOhio44236
377Stow Public Library 3512 Darrow Rd.StowSummitOhio44224
378Cuyahoga Falls Public Library 2015 3rd St.Cuy. FallsSummitOhio44221
379Mickey's Irish Pub 1846 Front St. Unit GCuy. FallsSummitOhio44221
380Asterisk Coffee Bar 2101 Front St.Cuy. FallsSummitOhio44221
381Cuyahoga Valley Art Center 2131 Front St.Cuy. FallsSummitOhio44221
382St. Brendan AOH Div. 3 913 Atwood Dr.TallmadgeSummitOhio44278
383Akron-Summit County Public Library 90 Community Rd.TallmadgeSummitOhio44278
384Akron-Summit County Public Library 2470 E. Market St.AkronSummitOhio44312
385Artisan Coffeeshop 662 Canton Rd.AkronSummitOhio44312
386AOH Heffeman Division 371 E. Dresden Ave.AkronSummitOhio44301
387Kevin O'Bryan's 1761 S. Main St.AkronSummitOhio44301
388Barberton Public Library 602 Park Ave. WBarbertonSummitOhio44203
389Akron-Summit County Public Library 183 E. Cuyahoga Falls Ave.AkronSummitOhio44310
390Akron-Summit County Public Library 60 S. High St.AkronSummitOhio44236
391Akron City Hall 166 S. High St.AkronSummitOhio44308
392Barley House 222 S. Main St.AkronSummitOhio44308
393Akron-Summit County Public Library 60 Goodyear Blvd.AkronSummitOhio44305
394Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. Taproom 587 Grant St.AkronSummitOhio44311
395Akron Family Restaurant 250 W. Market St.AkronSummitOhio44303
396Akron-Summit County Public Library 807 W. Market St.AkronSummitOhio44303
397Mustard Seed Market 867 W. Market St.AkronSummitOhio44303
398Nervous Dog Coffeehouse 1530 W. Market St.AkronSummitOhio44313
399Akron-Summit County Public Library 1720 Shatto Ave.AkronSummitOhio44313
400Akron-Summit County Public Library 3101 S. Smith Rd.FairlawnSummitOhio44333
401Mustard Seed Market 3885 W. Market St.FairlawnSummitOhio44333
402Brubaker's Pub 4005 Medina Rd.MontroseSummitOhio44333
403Winking Lizard 79 Springside Dr.CopleySummitOhio44333
404Hooley House 145 Montrose W Ave.CopleySummitOhio44321
405PeninsulaPublic Library 6105 Riverview Rd.PeninsulaSummitOhio44264
406Winking Lizard Tavern 1615 Main St.PeninsulaSummitOhio44264
407Aurora Memorial Public Library 115 E. Pioneer TrailAuroraPortageOhio44202
408The Travel Connection 199 S. Chillicothe Rd.AuroraPortageOhio44202
409Portage County Public Library 8990 Kirby Ln.StreetsboroPortageOhio44241
410KSU Student Center 500 E. Main St.KentPortageOhio44240
411KSU Library 1 Eastway Dr.KentPortageOhio44240
412Tree City Coffee & Pastry 135 E. Erie St. Suite 101KentPortageOhio44240
413Bent Tree Coffee 313 N. Water St.KentPortageOhio44240
414Kent Free Library 312 W. Main St.KentPortageOhio44240
415Brubaker's Pub 3939 Massillon Rd.GreenStarkOhio44685
416Akron-Summit County Public Library 4046 Massillon Rd.GreenStarkOhio44685
417Stark County Public Library 185 N. Main St.N. CantonStarkOhio44720
418Winking Lizard 2175 E. Maple St.N. CantonStarkOhio44720
419Stark County Public Library 1803 Schneider St. NECantonStarkOhio44721
420Stark County Public Library 189 25th St. NWCantonStarkOhio44709
421Canton Cultural Arts Center 1001 Market Ave. NCantonStarkOhio44702
422Stark County Public Library 715 Market Ave. NCantonStarkOhio44702
423Muggswigz Coffee & Tea 135 Walnut Ave. NECantonStarkOhio44702
424Stark County Public Library 216 Hartford Ave. SECantonStarkOhio44707
425Flanagan's Pub Of Canton 1316 Navarre Rd. SWCantonStarkOhio44706
426Harmon's Pub 2329 Tuscarawas St. WCantonStarkOhio44708
427Stark County Public Library 7487 Fulton Dr. NWMassillonStarkOhio44646
428Winking Lizard 5710 Fulton Dr.. NWCantonStarkOhio44718
429Mulligan's Restaurant & Pub 4118 Belden Village St. NWCantonStarkOhio44718
430Fat Heads Brewery 3885 Everhard Rd. NWPlain Twsp.StarkOhio44718
431Marty McQuade 2034 Arthur Dr. NWWarrenTrumbullOhio44485
432Callahan's Irish Pub 1061 Mahoning Ave.WarrenTrumbullOhio44483
433Trumbull County Public Library / Main 444 Mahoning Ave.WarrenTrumbullOhio44483
434AOH Warren 308 Porter St. NEWarrenTrumbullOhio44483
435Nova Coffee Co. 112 N. Park Ave.WarrenTrumbullOhio44481
436Horse Shoe Bar 206 E. Market St.WarrenTrumbullOhio44481
437O'Callaghan's Coffee Cup Café 631 E. Market St.WarrenTrumbullOhio44481
438Mahoning County Public Library 430 Early Rd.YoungstownMahoningOhio44505
439PLYMC / Kusalaba Branch 2815 Mahoning Ave.YoungstownMahoningOhio44509
440Hackett's Pub 1597 Mahoning Ave.YoungstownMahoningOhio44509
441Pressed Coffee Bar & Eatery 215 Lincoln Ave.YoungstownMahoningOhio44503
442Stone Fruit Coffee Co. 131 Lincoln Ave.YoungstownMahoningOhio44503
443YSU Kilcawley Student Center 1 University PlazaYoungstownMahoningOhio44555
444YSU Maag Library 422 Wick Ave.YoungstownMahoningOhio44555
445PLYMC / Main Branch 305 Wick Ave.YoungstownMahoningOhio44503
446Noble Creature Cask House 126 E. Rayen Ave.YoungstownMahoningOhio44503
447Penguin City Brewing Co. 460 E. Federal St. YoungstownMahoningOhio44503
448Whistle & Keg 101 W. Federal St. AYoungstownMahoningOhio44503
449Downtown Draught House 219 W. Federal St.YoungstownMahoningOhio44503
450The Mocha House 120 E. Boardman St.YoungstownMahoningOhio44503
451Royal Oaks Bar & Grill 924 Oak St.YoungstownMahoningOhio44506
452Burke School Of Irish Dance 3155 Canfield Rd.YoungstownMahoningOhio44511
453Common Goods Coffee Studio 2000 Canfield Rd.YoungstownMahoningOhio44511
454PLYMC / Newport Branch 3730 Market St.YoungstownMahoningOhio44507
455PLYMC / Brownlee Woods Branch 4010 Sheridan Rd.YoungstownMahoningOhio44514
456PLYMC / Struthers Branch 95 Poland Ave.StruthersMahoningOhio44471
457Crickets Bar & Grill 1733 E. Midlothian Blvd.YoungstownMahoningOhio44502
458Steel City Bar & Grill 1418 E. Midlothian Blvd.YoungstownMahoningOhio44502
459East Side Civics 968 E. Midlothian Blvd.YoungstownMahoningOhio44502
460The Brickhouse Tavern 958 E. Midlothian Blvd.YoungstownMahoningOhio44502
461Ancient Order Of Hibernians 5110 Southern Blvd.YoungstownMahoningOhio44512
462PLYMC / Boardman Branch 7680 Glenwood Ave.BoardmanMahoningOhio44512
463Primanti Bros. Restaurant & Bar 6731 South Ave.YoungstownMahoningOhio44512
464Magic Tree Pub & Eatery 7463 South Ave.BoardmanMahoningOhio44512
465PLYMC / Poland Branch 311 S. Main St.PolandMahoningOhio44514