What’s the Craic? December Shenanigans!

By John O’Brien, Jr. Brooklyn – Hooley Pub & Kitchen1st – Disco Inferno, 2nd– Big 10 Championship Game, 8th – Blue Evolution, 9th – Faction, 15th – Billy Likes Soda, 16th -Billy […]

Cleveland Comhrá: The Winter Solstice

By Bob Carney Before Christianity came to dominate Ireland’s religious practices and culture, it’s people believed in a number of gods and goddesses who had ties to the natural world […]

Milestone & Sweet Snaps

May peace and joy surround you, Contentment latch your door. May happiness be with you always, and God bless you evermore. May you live your life with faith and nurture […]

Kid’s Craic: The Twelve Days of Christmas

By Megan Lardie In most cultures, the Twelve Days of Christmas are celebrated from Christmas Day, December 25th, to January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany, (the day the three […]

Speak Irish: Scél Lemm Dúib

By Bob Carney I’m not normally the type to gripe about the weather, the crazy lady (my darling wife) does that enough for both of us, but I do sympathize […]