iIrish newsmagazine changed its name in 2018 and currently manages the production and distribution of a print and digital e-news version. iIrish is the only Irish paper published between New York and Chicago that also reaches multiple states. The publication is authentic Irish, focusing on news of interest to those of Irish heritage: current events, music, sports, book reviews, education, travel, entertainment, history and cultural news from Ireland. At iIrish we speak for our readers, not at them, and they support and sponsor Gaelic culture, sports, language, music, and dance throughout our community. To date, 360K has been donated to NFP’s since its 2006 inception.


There are extensive Irish communities from Cleveland to Clearwater who do amazing things that no one is talking about. This same lack of appreciation and recognition is what started iIrish in the Greater Cleveland area. Our purpose is to reach all our readers, in Irish America, Ireland, and abroad, hand in hand, linking with those creating works and moments that last.


Preserve, present, and promote our rich Irish and Irish American culture as it is commemorated or created, and for a time record of the accomplishments, contributions and impact to be shared with all. 

We have enjoyed remarkable success, especially in 2021, due to your support. Now, we want to go from success, to significance, with your continued help.

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