Irish Lit: Christmas Card Poems

By Dr. Jeanne Colleran Beginning in 1976, when Seamus Heaney, his wife Marie, and their three children, Michael, Catherine, and Christopher, moved away from dangerous Belfast to County Wicklow in […]

Off the Shelf: So Late in the Day

Discover Claire Keegan’s latest work, “So Late in the Day,” a powerful character study delving into themes of misogyny and its destructive impact. Award-winning and succinct, this 47-page novella explores personal flaws, societal challenges, and the pursuit of happiness. Dive into Keegan’s rich narrative that captures the complexities of human relationships and the echoes of Ireland’s historical context.

Irish Lit: O’Casey, the Druid and Other Serious Things

Dive into the world of Sean O’Casey’s Dublin Trilogy, masterfully staged by the Druid Theatre Company. Explore the intersection of farce and futility, pretension and real loss in O’Casey’s plays, offering a profound reflection on Irish society. Discover the historical context and significance of these timeless works.

This Just In: Ohio Renaissance Festival Honors Harp Day

The Ohio Renaissance Festival, in collaboration with Harp Ireland, celebrates Harp Day on October 21 with enchanting performances by Jay and Abby Michaels, known as The Harper and The Minstrel. Delight in Medieval, Renaissance, and Celtic music played on various instruments, including historical harps, wooden flutes, penny whistles, viola da gamba, hammered dulcimer, and beautiful singing. Join in the celebration of this historic instrument at the Ohio Renaissance Festival.

Irish Lit: A Terrible Beauty is Born

The Decade of Centenaries in Ireland, from 2012 to 2023, marked significant historical events like the Easter Uprising and the Irish Civil War. The commemoration aimed to encourage reconciliation, peace, and a deeper understanding of the complex narratives and memories of this period. It promoted respect for diverse perspectives and local histories, resulting in rich historical resources and new interpretations. Sean O’Casey’s Dublin Trilogy, set during these times, is being staged by Druid O’Casey, providing an opportunity to reflect on this history.

Off the Shelf: A Thread of Violence

Mark O’Connell’s book, “A Thread of Violence,” takes a riveting departure from typical Irish literature, focusing on Malcolm Macarthur’s notorious crimes in 1982. Born into privilege, Macarthur’s descent into heinous acts, including the brutal murders of Bridie Dargan and Donal Dunne, captivates readers. O’Connell’s gripping narrative, intertwined with historical context, provides a unique perspective on this crime noir.

Off the Shelf: The Paper Man

Cover of the book The Paper Man by Billy O'Callaghan with a field of yellow flower background

“The Paper Man” by Billie O’Callaghan is a powerful and emotionally charged novel that unfolds a love story set against the backdrop of pivotal world events. The book takes readers on a journey through 1980s Cork, Ireland, where protagonist Jack Shive discovers a cache of love letters, revealing a hidden past of a long-dead Austrian immigrant. This story of identity, love, and mystery spans two time frames and two countries, leaving a lasting impact on multiple generations.