Irish at Heart: The Photographer’s Handbook

Irish at Heart: The Photographer’s Handbook By Natalie Keller When I am traveling — whether to another state, country, or somewhere close to home — one tried-and-true object always hangs […]

Special Gifts: Madigan Muses

Madigan Muses: Special Gifts by Marilyn Madigan Every December, we start preparing for Christmas. The cards are sent out to friends and family. In today’s world, we also send greetings […]

Late Autumn Blessings: Blowin’ In

    Blowin’ in: Late Autumn Blessings By Susan Mangan     If you stand near the uneven shores of the lake long enough and are still, so still that […]

Donnybrook: Diamonds, Blackjacks and Shamrocks

Donnybrook: Diamonds, Blackjacks & Shamrocks By John Myers This month is the 75th anniversary (diamond) of one of the biggest armed robberies in Ohio history, according to Anthony Verdone, a third-generation […]

Stone Mad: Partnerning for a Purpose

STONE MAD: Partnering for a Purpose Stone Mad Artist and Designer John Digney is partnering with the Drystone Wall Association of Ireland (DSWAI) to bring unique artworks and products to […]

Donnybrook: Time for a Real Change

Donnybrook: Time for Real Change By John Myers Time for Real Change is the slogan for Sinn Fein’s 2022 Northern Ireland Legislative Assembly elections. Sinn Fein is the party most […]

Terry From Derry: Trouble and Strife

Terry from Derry: Trouble and Strife by Terry Boyle In one slight shift between a global pandemic, we find ourselves faced with the threat of war.  It seems that we’re […]