Time for Irish Unity

Irish Unity ~ We must not give up on reconciliation: Hope must be kept alive

by Declan Kearney

Sinn Féin’s latest policy document, ‘A New Ireland for All: Ending Sectarian Segregation’ was launched in Ionad Eileen Howell on 10 April.

This date was chosen because it marked the 26th anniversary of the ‘Good Friday Agreement’ (GFA). The policy was endorsed at the Party Ard Fheis in November 2023. It is Sinn Féin’s fourth policy contribution to addressing how the scourge of sectarianism is tackled, and reconciliation is achieved in Ireland; following the adoption and publication of previous policy positions in 2016, 2017 and 2019.

This new policy builds on the previous policy frameworks and reaffirms Sinn Féin’s commitment to the development of a reconciliation process. However, it also places the challenges of ending sectarian segregation, healing the legacy of the past, and achieving reconciliation into the context of shaping and implementing public policy, and the role of democratic political institutions.

It makes clear that confronting sectarian segregation and ending the cycle of sectarianism requires a constant focus; and needs to be embedded within public policy processes, which are future proofed.


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