Terry from Derry: The Lonely Passion of D.T.

Terry's Book cover

It had been a while since D.T. (Dickey Tricky) had held a popular place in people’s minds.  His sunny disposition had not fared well since his popularity had begun to wane. […]

Blowin’ In: – Tasting the Sea

Blowin’ In: Tasting the Sea By Susan Mangan InishturkOur cousin lives and works on the beautiful island of Inishturk. Her husband is a lobsterman. Jokingly, I asked if he could […]

Terry from Derry: Meditation on an Ice Flow

Terry from Derry: Meditation on an Ice FlowBy Terry Boyle Getting older brings with it a unique form of nostalgia. With less time ahead, it’s natural to look back more. […]

Blowin’ In: Stillness

Blowin’ In: Stillnessby Susan Mangan Yesterday, at dusk, the air hovering above Crooked Lake turned to thick white soup. Ironic considering, I was inside my father’s small kitchen cooking a […]

Life is Sweet: Derry from Derry

Terry from Derry: Life is Sweet By Terry Boyle If you are like me, you tend to get submerged in all sorts of things, and most of those things are […]

Blowin’ In: And the Award Goes to …

Blowin’ In: and the Award Goes to . . . By Susan Mangan With two Irish movies, multiple Irish actors, and talent across a plethora of film categories nominated for […]