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Truth be told, there is not a long list of laments in my library, not to bewail me books. In Irish cultural history, the banshee foretold of death. A “banshee,”or “woman of the faires,” would mournfully wail at night as death was imminent.

It was believed that banshees limited their lamentations to

Akron Irish: Feel the Power

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When friends ask us about planning a trip to Ireland, Dublin is always at the top of their lists. They ask about the pubs, Trinity, Guinness and th

Speak Irish: : Irish and Scots Gaelic

The month of June kicks off festival season here in northern Ohio. We try to attend as many as possible, one of our favorites is The Ohio Scottish Games and […]

Illuminations: The Siege of Pensacola

Illuminations: The Siege of Pensacola By:  J. Michael Finn The Regimiento Hibernia (Hibernia Regiment) was one of the Spanish army’s foreign regiments.  Known in Spain as “O’Neill’s Regiment,” it was […]

Cleveland Comhrá: Christmas Reflections

Cleveland Comhrá: Christmas Reflections By Bob Carney “May You Never Forget What is Worth Remembering or Remember What is Best Forgotten” A little over seven years ago, John O’Brien, Jr. […]

Speak Irish: Tá Ceothanna na Samhna

Speak Irish: “Tá Ceothanna na Samhna” By Bob Carney The fogs of November, the first line in the poem “Fanntais Ceo,” or “Fantastical Fog,” by Liam S. Gogán, sets the […]