Akron Irish: Green Season

Akron Irish

I found out that the overgrown hedgerows were a by-product of a study done by a citizen group. Ireland, again punching above their national weight, were the first country in the world to conduct a Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss in 2022.

Illuminations: The Monastery at Clonmacnoise


The monastic way of life, which began in Egypt in the 3rd century, was introduced into Ireland by St. Patrick. He wrote of consecrating, “The sons and daughters of the leaders of the Irish are seen to be monks and virgins of Christ!” Monastic communities in the strict sense, involving vows, complete seclusion and discipline, owes its origins in Ireland to

Illuminations: The Hessians

The Hessians

Most history books refer to the Hessians as “mercenaries,” but the more correct term for them would be “auxiliaries.” Mercenaries served

Donnybrook: The King’s Speech

By John Myers Last month marked the first “Kings Speech” in over 70 years. King Charles III presided over the first Kings Speech of his Reign, rain? Accompanied by all […]

Illuminations: Captain William “Buckey” O’Neill

Bucky O'Neill Monument

Mike Finn explores the remarkable story of Captain William “Buckey” O’Neill, a first-generation Irish-American who served in the U.S. military and played a crucial role in the Spanish-American War. Learn about his early life, journalism career, and his gallant actions in the Battle of San Juan Hill. Discover the enduring legacy of this American hero.

Akron Irish: Naked and Afraid-The Armada Edition

Lisa O’Rourke recounts the harrowing survival story of Captain Francisco de Cuellar, a Spanish Armada captain who found himself shipwrecked and stranded in Ireland in 1591. He endured hardships, encountered English soldiers, and faced perilous situations while wandering naked and afraid. The story sheds light on the challenges he faced and the hospitality he eventually received from the Irish. O’Rourke also reflects on the complexities of historical morality and power struggles during that era.

Illuminations: The Escape from Lincoln Jail

By J. Michael Finn At the end of the Easter Rebellion in May 1916, hundreds of Irish were imprisoned by the British. In December 1916, due to pressure from Irish-America, […]