Speak Irish: Speak Irish Cleveland Takes A New Direction

I’ve written before about our Speak Irish Cleveland classes being a collective effort. The class would not exist if Caitlin and I didn’t have the support of others.

We’ve gradually begun taking a different approach, adding some things to the class that we’ve only talked about in the past. I’d like to take this opportunity to share some of them with you now.

Speak Irish: Leabharlann Phoiblí

After joining Cleveland Public Library’s International Languages and Foreign Literature Department, she persuaded her manager to allow her to take over the library’s Irish, Scottish and Welsh collections that

Speak Irish: More Seanfhocail

By Bob Carney “If you’re gonna stand there and moo, you’d better give milk!” I remember my grandfather saying that to me when I was young. I was complaining about […]

Speak Irish: Scél Lemm Dúib

Nollaig shona daoibh means Merry Christmas you all

Explore the ancient Irish perspective on winter through the poetry of Finn MacCumhaill, a legendary figure in Irish mythology. Uncover the sentiments of the eighth or ninth century expressed in the Old Irish poem “Scél Lemm Dúib” and delve into the nuances of its translation. Join the journey back in time to understand the seasonal complaints and observations of days gone by.

Speak Irish: Tús Maith – A Good Start

“I ndiaidh a chéile a thógtar na caisleán!” “Stone by stone builds the castle!”

Explore the foundations of Irish language with Bob Carney’s “Speak Irish: Tús Maith – A Good Start.” From essential vocabulary and verb tenses to sentence structures and weather expressions, this lesson offers a comprehensive guide for beginners. Embrace the building blocks of communication in Irish and enhance your conversational skills.

Éasca Péasca (Easy Peasy) Student Stories: The Lady of the Dance

In “The Lady of the Dance,” Shauna Meehan shares her remarkable journey through Irish dancing. Starting as a young dancer, she embraced the art form and continued for 15 years. Her story reveals how Irish dancing became an integral part of her identity, connecting her to her Irish heritage, and bridging the gap between her American upbringing and Irish roots. Shauna’s passion for Irish dancing led her to the world championships and became a lifestyle. Her dedication and practice paid off with championship titles, making her proud to continue dancing.

Speak Irish: Dobhar Chú

Bob Carney explores Irish mythology, connecting it to Lake Erie’s legendary creature, “Bessie.” This cryptid is believed to be a descendant of the Plesiosaur and is often associated with a dog-like head. Carney delves into the rich world of Irish folklore and the Dobhar Chú, a water hound known for its aggressive nature. He also provides linguistic insights into various animal names in the Irish language.