Who Was St. Patrick’s Uncle? :Illuminations

Illuminations:  Who Was St. Patrick’s Uncle? By:  J. Michael Finn “Wherever Christ is known, Martin is honored.” – Latin poet, St. Venantius Fortunatus What do we know about the relatives […]

Madigan Muses: Cornerstone of West Park

  Madigan Muses: Cornerstone of West Park  by Marilyn Madigan St. Patrick West Park will be celebrating their 175th Anniversary this St. Patrick’s Day. The anniversary year will begin with […]

Donnybrook: Northern Ireland Assembly Takes Off

Donnybrook: Northern Ireland Assembly Off                            By John Myers One year has passed since the Northern Ireland Assembly has met, with no end in site for the Stormont Assembly to […]

A Letter from Ireland

A Letter from Ireland By Ciáran Quinn Hello and greetings from Ireland. Let me introduce myself. I have the grand title of Sinn Féin representative to the US and Canada. […]

Madigan Muses: Young irish Americans

Madigan Muses: Young Irish Americans  by Marilyn Madigan Every year the Irish Echo recognizes individuals with the Irish 40 Under 40 Award. This year, iIrish would like to tell you […]

Images of Brigid: Pittsburgh Irish

Pittsburgh Irish: Images of Brigid From Pittsburgh to Kildare, Mayo and Beyond By Elizabeth Myers Last year the Irish Government designated Saint Brigid of Kildare as an official Patroness Saint […]

Illuminations: Arriving at Port of New York

Illuminations: Arriving at the Port of New York By:  J. Michael Finn Many people think that if their Irish ancestors arrived through New York City that they were processed through […]

Donnybrook: Pres. Biden Appoints U.S. Special Envoy to Northern Ireland

Donnybrook: United States Special Envoy to Northern Ireland By John Myers                                                          Special Envoy President Biden has appointed the grandson of Robert and Ethel Kennedy, Joseph P. Kennedy III, to be […]