Life is Sweet: Derry from Derry

Terry from Derry: Life is Sweet By Terry Boyle If you are like me, you tend to get submerged in all sorts of things, and most of those things are […]

Terry from Derry: Good Grief

Terry from Derry: Good Grief By Terry Boyle   Winter is a strange time of the year. It’s been even stranger since we moved to Southern California.  After sixteen years of […]

Speak Irish: Introductions

  Speak Irish: Introductions By Bob Carney Bliain nua faoi mhaise dhaoibh! A Happy New Year all. In past lessons, we have learned how to introduce ourselves and inquire how […]

Terry from Derry: Uncivil Wars

Terry From Derry: Uncivil Wars By Terry Boyle Growing up in the 70s amid the Troubles, I was constantly bombarded with the lyrics of every Republican song known in the […]

Terry from Derry: Bittersweet Symphony

Terry from Derry: Bittersweet Symphony By Terry Boyle The Queen is dead.  When I heard this news, it was a bit of a shock.  I’d grown up during the Troubles […]

Puzzle: Irish Poetry

ACROSS 2 _____Grey Soil, by Patrick Kavanagh 3 Going Home to ____, by Paul Durcan 10 The _______ of Dooney, by W. B. Yeats 11 The Deserted _______, by Oliver […]