Off the Shelf: The Island book review

Off the Shelf: The Island By Adrian McKinty ISBN 9780316531283 375 pp. 2022 Little, Brown Co. Review by Terrence J. Kenneally An American family’s trip to see koalas and Australian […]

Donnybrook: 285 Years Ago

  Donnybrook: 285 Years Ago By John Myers In 1737, the Penal era law outlawing the Irish Language in Irish Courts was put in place with the assent of the […]

Blowin’ In: Christmas Spice

Blowin’ In: Christmas Spice By Susan Mangan “A mince pie carries with it everything I hold dear about this time of year. In that tiny morsel lies the very spirit […]

Terry from Derry: I Don’t Like Mondays

Terry from Gerry: I Don’t Like Mondays By Terry Boyle Released in 1979 ,the song I Don’t Like Mondays, was a success for Bob Geldof and hit on a very […]

Cleveland Irish: Trading Places

Cleveland Irish: Trading Places By Francis McGarry  John Jameson was a lawyer before he got into the whiskey. He and his wife Margaret parented eight daughters and eight sons. John […]