Cleveland Comhrá: The Dullahan

Delve into the eerie world of Irish folklore, where supernatural tales inspire classic horror stories. Discover headless riders known as Dullahan, banshees foretelling doom, and other spooky creatures that may have influenced iconic horror literature and movies. Explore the rich tapestry of Irish mythology, perfect for sharing with the next generation.

Bram Stoker: Cleveland Comhrá

Cleveland Comhrá: Dacre Stoker By Bob Carney “You travel down the path of your insignificant life in ultimate complacency. Safe in your modern world of machines and oblivious enlightenment. Blind […]

Cleveland Comhrá: Children of the Night

Cleveland Comhrá: Children of the Night By Bob Carney                    “Listen to them, the children of the night.                         […]

Kids Craic: Happy Haunting!

Kids’ Craic: Happy Haunting! By Dottie Wenger Ireland’s Own Bram Stoker!  Abraham (“Bram”) Stoker was born in Dublin, Ireland.  As a young child, he was very ill and was unable […]