Akron Irish: Say What?

Bobby Sands Mural in Belfast

Explore the impactful book “Say Nothing” by Patrick Radden Keefe, delving into the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Uncover the complexity of political motives, personal stories, and the enduring mystery of Jean McConville’s murder. Gain insights into the dynamics that shaped Ireland’s history.

This Just In: Gaeltacht Quarter’s Street Signage Plan

Cromac Street sign in Belfast City

The Belfast City Council has proposed erecting bilingual street signs en bloc across 309 streets in the Gaeltacht Quarter, addressing the backlog of applications for dual-language signage. The proposal will save the council significant time and resources, estimated at over £185,000 compared to handling each street individually. This initiative is particularly significant given West Belfast’s high concentration of Irish speakers and the community’s efforts to promote the Irish language.

This Just In: Irish History Talks from Clifton House, Belfast

Clifton House in Belfast presents its President’s Talk series featuring renowned historians as guest speakers this Autumn. These talks will be broadcast via Zoom, with tickets starting at £5. Topics include Olaudah Equiano, an abolitionist’s journey, and loyalist memory of the 1798 Rebellion. For booking and more details, visit the provided links.

Leaping the Dark Hedges with the House of Stock

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Donnybrook: Belfast Garners Seven Oscar Nominations

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Northern Exposure: Akron Irish

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The Extraordinary Stories of Northern Ireland

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