Blowin’ In: Phantoms

In “Blowin’ In: Phantoms” by Sue Mangan, the article delves into the subtle and mystical connections between the past and present. It explores the presence of “phantoms” in our lives, connecting us to history and experiences. Mangan draws inspiration from William Butler Yeats and his fascination with the invisible world, emphasizing the interconnectedness of our experiences, no matter the passage of time.

Blowin’ In: Blackberry Season Redux

As summer transitions to autumn, the author reflects on the changing season, blackberry picking, and the passage of time. Memories of loved ones, travel adventures, and the circle of life blend in this heartfelt piece.

Blowin’ In: Hidden Within the Trees

By Sue Mangan Fairytales, myths, and legends have always captured the attention of both the young and old. It is curious how these tales spark both fear and comfort. Campfires […]

Blowin’ In: To Market, To Market

By Sue Mangan Cherries bring with them a certain frivolity,a carefree joy like hearing the far-off laughter of a child at play.Their appearance in deepest summercomes when life is often […]

Blowin’ In: – Tasting the Sea

Blowin’ In: Tasting the Sea By Susan Mangan InishturkOur cousin lives and works on the beautiful island of Inishturk. Her husband is a lobsterman. Jokingly, I asked if he could […]

Blowin’ In: Stillness

Blowin’ In: Stillnessby Susan Mangan Yesterday, at dusk, the air hovering above Crooked Lake turned to thick white soup. Ironic considering, I was inside my father’s small kitchen cooking a […]

Blowin’ In: And the Award Goes to …

Blowin’ In: and the Award Goes to . . . By Susan Mangan With two Irish movies, multiple Irish actors, and talent across a plethora of film categories nominated for […]

Blowin’ In: Travel Wonder

    Blowin’ In: Wonder By Susan Mangan When all the others were away at Mass I was all hers as we peeled potatoes. They broke the silence, let fall […]