What’s the Craic? April Shenanigans!

Whats the Crai?

820 College Avenue, Cleveland, 44113
PJ McIntyre’s
6th – Crawley & Sofranko, 11th – Patrick & the Jazz Guys, 12th – Mossy Moran, 13th – Pat Shepard, 20th – Half Craic’d, 27th – Simple. PJ McIntyre’s is a Local 10 Union establishment. Home of the Celtic Supporter’s Club and the GAA. Book Parties & Events in our Bridgie Ned’s Irish Parlor Party Room. 17119 Lorain Road, 44111. 216-941-9311.
Flannery’s Pub
No events sent to us. 323 East Prospect, Cleveland 44115 216.781.7782
Music Box CLE
4th – James McMurtry, 18th – Willie Watson. 1148 Main Avenue, Cleveland 44113. 216.242.1250

Donnybrook: Shane the Unrepentant Fenian / Safe Home

Explore the impactful life and legacy of Shane McGowan, the unrepentant Fenian and musical genius, in John Myers’ “Donnybrook” column. Discover the remarkable funeral that celebrated his Irish Republicanism, featuring music, liturgy, and tributes from Irish luminaries. Additionally, delve into the lifetime achievements of Terrence O’Sullivan, retiring General President of Laborer’s International Union of North America (LIUNA). Uncover insights into his dedication to the labor movement and advocacy for a united Ireland. Stay informed about St. Patrick’s Day 2024 preparations and reflections on Boris Johnson’s response to the pandemic.

What’s the Craic? December Shenanigans!

By John O’Brien, Jr. Brooklyn – Hooley Pub & Kitchen1st – Disco Inferno, 2nd– Big 10 Championship Game, 8th – Blue Evolution, 9th – Faction, 15th – Billy Likes Soda, 16th -Billy […]

What’s the Craic? November Shenanigans!

By John O’Brien, Jr. Brooklyn – Hooley Pub & Kitchen10310 Cascade Crossing, Brooklyn 216-362-7700. ClevelandAer LingusAer Lingus direct flights Cleveland to Dublin (Sun., Mon., Wed., Fri.). 5 Points […]

Irish Lit: A Terrible Beauty is Born

The Decade of Centenaries in Ireland, from 2012 to 2023, marked significant historical events like the Easter Uprising and the Irish Civil War. The commemoration aimed to encourage reconciliation, peace, and a deeper understanding of the complex narratives and memories of this period. It promoted respect for diverse perspectives and local histories, resulting in rich historical resources and new interpretations. Sean O’Casey’s Dublin Trilogy, set during these times, is being staged by Druid O’Casey, providing an opportunity to reflect on this history.