CURRENT ISSUE:  August 2023

Illuminations: Gibbet Rath Massacre

The statue of Saint Brigid at the Market Square of Kildare

Explore a somber chapter in Irish history as we delve into the 1798 United Irish Rebellion and the tragic events at Gibbet Rath in County Kildare. Learn about the rebellion, the terms of surrender, and the heart-wrenching massacre that unfolded.

Irish Lit: A Terrible Beauty is Born

The Decade of Centenaries in Ireland, from 2012 to 2023, marked significant historical events like the Easter Uprising and the Irish Civil War. The commemoration aimed to encourage reconciliation, peace, and a deeper understanding of the complex narratives and memories of this period. It promoted respect for diverse perspectives and local histories, resulting in rich historical resources and new interpretations. Sean O’Casey’s Dublin Trilogy, set during these times, is being staged by Druid O’Casey, providing an opportunity to reflect on this history.

Illuminations: Rosanne “Rosie” Hackett

By Mike Finn “It took four hundred policemen to take down four women.” Often you run into characters from Irish history that make you wonder, “Why don’t we know more […]

I’m Looking for an Irish Husband

By Sheila Ives No, dear reader of iIrish, I am not the one looking for a husband, Irish or otherwise. That would be a “Kitty Carey straight from Tipperary,” who […]

Terry from Derry: A Eulogy

Equestrian statue of Joan of Arc

Sinead O’Connor, a fiery artist, and protest singer, left an indelible mark on music and society by fearlessly confronting political, social, and clerical injustices. Her courage in speaking uncomfortable truths leaves a lasting legacy.

Irish Lit: The Druids Are Coming!

Explore the vibrant world of Irish arts festivals and the power of storytelling. Discover how festivals like the Galway International Arts Festival in Ireland are blending art, culture, and societal issues while celebrating Irish heritage.