Columbus Irish: King of the Birds

By Andrew Shuman “Peace on earth… good will to men (and birds)!”   The Christmas season is full of traditions from both Celtic and Christian custom. The holly and ivy […]

Akron Irish: Charity’s End

By Lisa O’Rourke The holidays mark the time of year that we focus on giving. We call this time of year the giving season. What does that mean? It is […]

Cleveland Irish: Bluestone Hibernians November

Join us in celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Bluestone Division, an AOH chapter with a rich history rooted in Irish labor and heritage. Named after Euclid Bluestone, this thriving community pays tribute to the Irish laborers who shaped the region.

Cleveland Irish: Oh Say Can You See

Explore the rich history of Irish involvement in the War of 1812 and the Ohio Wars, with notable figures like Alexander McKee, Hugh McGary, Robert Ross, and James McHenry. Discover the diverse roles the Irish played in shaping America’s past.

Columbus Irish: Irish Road Bowling

By Andrew Shuman Faugh A Ballagh (Clear the Way) The cry of the Irish Brigade warns that a shot has been launched and people are coming through. About a mile […]

Akron Irish: Say What?

Bobby Sands Mural in Belfast

Explore the impactful book “Say Nothing” by Patrick Radden Keefe, delving into the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Uncover the complexity of political motives, personal stories, and the enduring mystery of Jean McConville’s murder. Gain insights into the dynamics that shaped Ireland’s history.