The Fitness Doctor: Excessive Protein Intake Linked to Atherosclerosis

Consuming over 22% of dietary calories from protein can lead to increased activation of immune cells that play a role in atherosclerotic plaque formation and drive disease risk, a new study showed. University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine researchers discovered a molecular mechanism by which excessive dietary protein could increase

The Fitness Doctor: Why You Just Can’t Seem to Lose Weight

Does this sound familiar? It’s the new year, and you say to yourself, “this is the year I am going to get in shape!” You spend weeks sticking to your diet, eating salads every day for dinner.
You make an effort to exercise as much as possible. You make sacrifices, like

The Fitness Doctor: Intermittent Fasting and Why You Are Doing It Incorrectly

Words: What is intermittent fasting with image of vegetables on a plate in the shape of a clock.

Explore the importance of breakfast in intermittent fasting with Dr. Frederick Peters. Learn why breakfast is critical for jump-starting metabolism, stabilizing blood sugar, and improving overall health. Discover the evidence supporting breakfast’s impact on cognitive function, energy levels, and nutrient intake. Gain insights into effective time-restricted eating for metabolic benefits. Ensure you’re doing intermittent fasting right by prioritizing a balanced breakfast.

The Fitness Doctor: Simple Weight Loss Tips

Discover effective weight loss strategies backed by research. Learn about long-term weight management behaviors, the Mediterranean diet, the role of exercise, and more from The Fitness Doctor, Dr. Frederick Peters.

Fitness Dr.: Research Confirms Exercise Is the Most Important Medicine for COVID 19

Dr. Frederick Peters highlights the importance of exercise as a key strategy for preventing and treating COVID-19 infection and long COVID. Research indicates that exercise has a significant impact on multiple organ systems affected by the virus. It can reduce the risk of severe outcomes, improve cardiovascular health, enhance the immune system, and promote recovery. Physical activity is also associated with higher vaccine effectiveness. Dr. Peters emphasizes the critical role of exercise in managing the effects of COVID-19 and preventing its spread.

Fitness Dr.: Top 10 Healthiest Grains

By Dr. Frederick Peters Regardless of what people on the “keto” diet think, grains are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Whole grains provide us with essential vitamins, minerals, […]