Blowin’ In: Hidden Art

    Blowin’ In: Hidden Art By Susan Mangan       “Stone Crab on an Irish Table” By Susan Mangan Impenetrable armor, molten red, claws dipped in peat colored […]

Irish Puzzle: Some Irish Rebel Tunes

Some Irish Rebel Tunes By Linda Fulton Burke ACROSS 1 _____ Flowers 5 The _____ Dew 6 Bold Robert ______ 7 Take it Down From the ____ 8 _________ of […]

Irish Crossword: Towns in Carlow, Kilkenny & Laois

ACROSS 3 (A)_______, County Laois 4 (I)_________, County Kilkenny 6 (C)______, County Kilkenny 12 (C)_________, County Laois 13 (M)__________, County Kilkenny 14 (C)___________, County Laois 18 (C)_____, County Kilkenny 21 […]

A Few of My Favorite Things: An Eejit Abroad

An Eejit Abroad: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things By Conor Makem  It would be no surprise to Ohio Irish American News readers that I’m a considerable enthusiast […]

New Realities: Terry from Derry

Terry from Derry: New Realities by Terry Boyle These days it feels as if we’re constantly on a see-saw of emotions when it comes to living in our new reality.  […]

Got My Whishy: Cleveland Irish

Cleveland Irish: Got My Wishy By Francis McGarry “Murray Hill is the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.”  Aunt Irene always reminds us when she wants to get Italian food, but […]

Irish Crossword: Patriots of Ireland

            Irish Crossword Puzzle: Patriots of Ireland By Linda Fulton Burke ACROSS 1 Rosanna  ‘____’  Hackett 7 John _______ 9 _______ Davitt 11 Josephine Bernadette McAliskey […]

From So Little Sleeping

  Cleveland Irish” From So Little Sleeping and So Much Reading By Francis McGarry It is not every day that I have the pleasure of entertaining my Aunt Irene.  However, […]