Cleveland Irish: Los Altos por Siempre, Part One

Explore the Irish influence in the War of 1812, a complex conflict involving maritime commerce, impressment, and Native American futures. Learn about the role of Irish soldiers and sailors on both sides, their fight for citizenship, and the diplomatic aspects of the war. Discover the impact on Ohio and the Great Lakes region, including notable Irish figures like George McClure and George Croghan. Uncover the dynamic story of the Irish during this historical period.

Cleveland Irish: Where Did O-H-I-O Come From?

Francis McGarry delves into the historical narrative of Ohio, connecting it to global conflicts and economic forces. It highlights the impact of the Beaver Wars, the introduction of corn, and the role of Native American groups in shaping the region. McGarry also touches on Irish trade in Ohio and the presence of the Irish in colonial America.

Blowin’ In: Blackberry Season Redux

As summer transitions to autumn, the author reflects on the changing season, blackberry picking, and the passage of time. Memories of loved ones, travel adventures, and the circle of life blend in this heartfelt piece.

Cleveland Irish: The War of 1812 and the Irish

By Francis McGarry Moses Cleaveland never came back to Cleveland. We have discussed those who were here before that Moses and those first settlers of the Western Reserve in previous […]

Terry from Derry: I Think Therefore AI

By Terry Boyle When the news finally gets away from the rantings of a former president acting like a two-year-old proclaiming his innocence when we all know he’s guilty, we […]

Akron Irish: Be Quiet

Akron Irish: Be Quiet By Lisa O’Rourke As longtime students of the Irish language, my fellow language friends and I were over the moon to hear that there was a […]