Akron Irish: Everyone Can Play

One lovely June evening, we found ourselves walking away from a riverfront music festival and into an inevitably dank, clichéd hotel bar. It felt counterintuitive to say the least, but we were heading toward a promise, the promise of a great Irish music session. It’s a powerful lure.

Akron Irish: Murphy’s Law!

By Lisa O’Rourke Every erstwhile late, bedraggled individual has, at some point, embraced Murphy, the god of personal misfortune. I envision him, circa 1850, hat askew, standing in his potato […]

Cleveland Irish: Fire Lands

Cleveland Irish: Fire Lands By Francis McGarry I listened to Marshall Sahlins at the 2001 American Anthropological Association’s annual meeting in our nation’s capital. He was a professor at Chicago, […]

Madigan Muses: Cornerstone of West Park

  Madigan Muses: Cornerstone of West Park  by Marilyn Madigan St. Patrick West Park will be celebrating their 175th Anniversary this St. Patrick’s Day. The anniversary year will begin with […]

Akron Irish: The Thing with Feathers

Akron Irish: The Thing with Feathers By Lisa O’Rourke  “What is Irish Alzheimer’s? You forget everything but the grudges,” goes the clichéd joke. The image of that Irishman is easy […]