Understanding Diabetes: Health Matters

Health Matters: Understanding Diabetes and What it Could Mean for You By Dr. Brian S. Stevens More than 29 million adults have diabetes and 25% of those adults don’t know […]

Illuminations: Erskine Childers

Illuminations:  Erskine Childers By:  J. Michael Finn Robert Erskine Childers was born in Mayfair, London, England on June 25, 1870. He was the second son of Robert Childers, an oriental […]

Cleveland Irish: Someone’s Past

Cleveland Irish: Someone’s Past By Francis McGarry My graduate Professor, Michel-Rolph Trouillot, taught me a few things. One was always cut the cards; actually, that was Mr. Dooley. One was […]

Donnybrook: Easter Lily

  Donnybrook: Easter Lily By John Myers 106 years in not a memorable number, but every anniversary of the 1916 Easter Uprising is worthy of celebration.  The 1916 Proclamation was […]