Blowin’ In: And the Award Goes to …

Blowin’ In: and the Award Goes to . . . By Susan Mangan With two Irish movies, multiple Irish actors, and talent across a plethora of film categories nominated for […]

Blowin’ In: Travel Wonder

    Blowin’ In: Wonder By Susan Mangan When all the others were away at Mass I was all hers as we peeled potatoes. They broke the silence, let fall […]

Blowin’ In: Stargazing

  Blowin’ In: Stargazing By Susan Mangan Paint at night those stars in a frosty sky, one brighter than another. Sirius, Orion, Great Bear accustom eyes to deepest pitch that […]

Blowin’ In: Christmas Spice

Blowin’ In: Christmas Spice By Susan Mangan “A mince pie carries with it everything I hold dear about this time of year. In that tiny morsel lies the very spirit […]

Late Autumn Blessings: Blowin’ In

    Blowin’ in: Late Autumn Blessings By Susan Mangan     If you stand near the uneven shores of the lake long enough and are still, so still that […]

Folklore and Fear: Blowin’ In

  Blowin’ In: Folklore and Fear By Susan Mangan Me ma was always scoldin’ me, “Hazel, carry the bucket to yer father. Don’t be daft dreamin’ about the face of […]

Notes from an Irish Field: Blowin’ In

Blowin’ In: Notes from an Irish Field By Susan Mangan Staring into long shadows cast by the old Rowan tree, I thought so long that my tea went cold. Ruminating […]

Soil: Blowin’ In

Blowin’ In: Soil By Susan Mangan Between my finger and my thumb The squat pen rests . . . Under my window, a clean rasping sound When the spade sinks […]

Blowin’ In: Call of the Pipes

Blowin’ In: Call of the Pipes By Susan Mangan “The bagpipes – they are screaming and they are sorrowful. There is a wail in their merriment and cruelty in their […]

Blowin In: Spring Swans

  Blowin’ in: Spring Swans By Susan Mangan   “Nine- and-fifty swans . . . Scatter wheeling in great broken rings . . . And now my heart is sore […]