Irish Lit: The English Jesuit in Dublin


The next time I am in Dublin, I will go to Glasnevin Cemetery, to the Jesuit plot, and leave a small oval-shaped blue-hued stone at the foot of the cross where Gerard Manley Hopkins’ name is engraved. The great nineteenth-century poet is

Irish Lit: St. Kevin’s Miracles

Saint Kevin, the sixth century Glendalough saint, was an ascetic and hermit who slept on stones, ate little but herbs and roots, prayed in freezing water, and wore mostly animal skins. He spent much of his time

Irish Lit: Epiphany

By Dr. Jeanne Colleran  You may be just settling in to read this magazine as the Christmas season comes to a close, with the Feast of Epiphany. For all of […]

Irish Lit: Christmas Card Poems

Discover Seamus Heaney’s enchanting Christmas Card Poems, offering insights into the Nobel Prize-winning poet’s reflections on the season. From the innocence of “Catherine’s Poem” to the profound “The Manger,” explore Heaney’s unique perspective on Christmas. Delve into the dual voices, subtle infusions of mature insight, and timeless themes that characterize these poetic gems.

Irish Lit: O’Casey, the Druid and Other Serious Things

Dive into the world of Sean O’Casey’s Dublin Trilogy, masterfully staged by the Druid Theatre Company. Explore the intersection of farce and futility, pretension and real loss in O’Casey’s plays, offering a profound reflection on Irish society. Discover the historical context and significance of these timeless works.