Grown Up Ice Cream Sandwiches

Cooking Up a Hooley In The Kitchen: Grown-up Ice Cream Sandwiches By Katie Gagne Summer isn’t over yet; there is still plenty of time to enjoy this delicious sweet, warm […]

Made in Ireland: Akron Irish

  Akron Irish: Made in Ireland By Lisa O’Rourke  I think of toilet paper, paper towels and all the by now cliché items that the snap in normalcy caused people […]

Akron Irish: Open The Gate!

Open the Gate! By Lisa O’Rourke      Sunday in Baltimore and what to do? The Guinness Brewery is offered- hmm, not much of a beer drinker, but the Guinness there would […]

Guinness Reps Strives for Perfection

Ohio Area Guinness Representative, Annie Redmond  and Chicago Rep Jimmy Callahan, enjoying their dream job! By Ryanne Gallagher Johnson In the realm of dream jobs in this country, one for […]