Dance Dance: Jiggin’ in Parades and on the World Stage

Group Dancers

As we wrap up the St. Patrick’s Day season, where Irish dance schools throughout the state of Ohio have been spreading culture and joy with music and dance, the competitive side of Irish dance is in the final days of preparation and training for the highest major competition of the year!

Cleveland Irish: Where Did O-H-I-O Come From?

Francis McGarry delves into the historical narrative of Ohio, connecting it to global conflicts and economic forces. It highlights the impact of the Beaver Wars, the introduction of corn, and the role of Native American groups in shaping the region. McGarry also touches on Irish trade in Ohio and the presence of the Irish in colonial America.

11th International Festival: Toledo Sister Cities

Toledo Irish: Toledo Sister Cities: 11th International Festival   By: Molly McHugh After two years of postponement, the Toledo Sister Cities International Festival returned to downtown Toledo on June 25th […]

Cleveland Irish: Someone’s Past

Cleveland Irish: Someone’s Past By Francis McGarry My graduate Professor, Michel-Rolph Trouillot, taught me a few things. One was always cut the cards; actually, that was Mr. Dooley. One was […]