Irish Lit: A Terrible Beauty is Born

The Decade of Centenaries in Ireland, from 2012 to 2023, marked significant historical events like the Easter Uprising and the Irish Civil War. The commemoration aimed to encourage reconciliation, peace, and a deeper understanding of the complex narratives and memories of this period. It promoted respect for diverse perspectives and local histories, resulting in rich historical resources and new interpretations. Sean O’Casey’s Dublin Trilogy, set during these times, is being staged by Druid O’Casey, providing an opportunity to reflect on this history.

Columbus Irish: Stone of Destiny

Columbus Irish: Stone of Destiny By Andrew Shuman *Andrew is a Columbus transplant after graduating from The Ohio State University with a Major in History and Minor in Political Science […]

Donnybrook: Easter Lily

  Donnybrook: Easter Lily By John Myers 106 years in not a memorable number, but every anniversary of the 1916 Easter Uprising is worthy of celebration.  The 1916 Proclamation was […]

Akron Irish: The Crown Jewel of Truth

Akron Irish: The Crown Jewel of Truth By Lisa O’Rourke I recently came across a news item discussing the still missing Irish Crown Jewels. What Crown Jewels? Irish history is […]

Madigan Muses: May, the Month of Memorials

  Madigan Muses: May, the Month of Memorials By Marilyn Madigan During the month of May, we honor our mothers and two major memorials: Police Memorial Day on May 15th […]

The Big Fella ~ Michael Collins

Akron Irish: The Big Fella by Lisa O’Rourke The image is iconic, a large tweedy guy, almost too big looking for the bike, laconically riding it anyway, around the streets […]

Illuminations: The Four Courts

Illuminations:  The Four Courts By:  J. Michael Finn Since the first legal case was heard in November 1796, the Four Courts, located on the north bank of the River Liffey […]

Ballad Boom Hero Has Gone

Ballad Boom Hero Has Gone, Editor’s Corner, by John O’Brien, Jr. “After a while, people started drifting in and soon I was singing Irish ballads for Ms. Sinatra, Robert Stack, […]