Donnybrook: Biden’s Ballina

President Biden took a historic trip in support of peace to the Six Counties on the occasion of the Good Friday Agreement’s 25th Anniversary.  Biden met with U.K. Prime Minister […]

Donnybrook: Northern Ireland Protocol Hurdles

Windsor FrameworkNew U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunyak has made progress to break through the Northern Ireland Protocol hurdles. It is unlikely that his predecessor, P.M. Boris Johnson, really wanted to […]

Donnybrook: Good Friday Agreement

Donnybrook: Good Friday AgreementBy John Myers April 10th will mark the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement (GFA), perhaps the most significant historic event in the last 100 years of Irish […]

Donnybrook: Northern Ireland Assembly Takes Off

Donnybrook: Northern Ireland Assembly Off                            By John Myers One year has passed since the Northern Ireland Assembly has met, with no end in site for the Stormont Assembly to […]

Donnybrook: Pres. Biden Appoints U.S. Special Envoy to Northern Ireland

Donnybrook: United States Special Envoy to Northern Ireland By John Myers                                                          Special Envoy President Biden has appointed the grandson of Robert and Ethel Kennedy, Joseph P. Kennedy III, to be […]

Donnybrook: 285 Years Ago

  Donnybrook: 285 Years Ago By John Myers In 1737, the Penal era law outlawing the Irish Language in Irish Courts was put in place with the assent of the […]

Donnybrook: Westminster Scorecard

Donnybrook: Westminster Scorecard                                By John Myers A Westminster scorecard could be helpful to most Americans to keep track of all the happenings the last couple of months at Westminster, both […]

Donnybrook: Long Live the Peace

Donnybrook: Long Live the Peace By John Myers The occasion of the death of the English Monarch last month raises the full complexity of the relationship between the peoples and […]

Donnybrook: Diamonds, Blackjacks and Shamrocks

Donnybrook: Diamonds, Blackjacks & Shamrocks By John Myers This month is the 75th anniversary (diamond) of one of the biggest armed robberies in Ohio history, according to Anthony Verdone, a third-generation […]