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How do I submit a story, or book, arts or music for review, for consideration? What are your deadlines?

Story ideas, content and columns can be submitted to publisher John O’Brien, Jr. at jobrien@ohioianews.com. Submission does NOT guarantee publication.

Column Submissions are accepted by the 8th of each month, for the following month.

Out & About Ohio events and gigs must be submitted by the 8th of the month for the following month. Submissions MUST be on the following format.  Any submissions not in this format will will be deleted.

8th – New Barleycorn, 9th – Brigid’s Cross, 11th – Dulahan, 12th – Marys Lane, etc…

Hard copies of Books, music or art can be sent to us at: OhioIANews 14615 Triskett Road Cleveland, Ohio 44111-3123

How do I subscribe?

Visit www.ohioianews.com’s Subscribe tab. Subscriptions are delivered First Class US Mail, generally a day or two before the issue hits the streets. All major credit cards are accepted, or mail a check (made out) to OhioIANews 14615 Triskett Road Cleveland, Ohio 44111-3123. Subscriptions are $36 for one year, $70 for two years or $100 for three years.

How much does it cost to advertise?

The OhioIANews offers a multitude of platforms to meet your advertising needs. Print, website, social media’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; eBulletin, Podcast ads and sponsorships are all available individually or in any combination, by contacting John O’Brien at jobrien@ohioianews.com

The advertising rate depends on the size and frequency of your ad.  The cost per month drops as the frequency increases.  Our Rate Card is below.


How do I submit feedback?

You can contact the OhioIANews or any of our columnists at jobrien@ohioianews.com

Where are you located?

The OhioIANews is located in Cleveland, Ohio, in the West Park Neighborhood near Kamm’s Corner: 14615 Triskett Road Cleveland, Ohio 44111-3123.

How do we request an interview with the publisher or a columnist?

Contact publisher John O’Brien, Jr. at jobrien@ohioianews.com