A Letter from Ireland

A Letter from Ireland By Ciáran Quinn Hello and greetings from Ireland. Let me introduce myself. I have the grand title of Sinn Féin representative to the US and Canada. […]

Wise Craics: Murphy Goes to Confession

Wise Craics By Joe McDonough Murphy Goes to Confession Murphy goes into the confessional box after years of being away from the Church. He pulls aside the curtain, enters and […]

Terry from Derry: Good Grief

Terry from Derry: Good Grief By Terry Boyle   Winter is a strange time of the year. It’s been even stranger since we moved to Southern California.  After sixteen years of […]

Terry from Derry: Uncivil Wars

Terry From Derry: Uncivil Wars By Terry Boyle Growing up in the 70s amid the Troubles, I was constantly bombarded with the lyrics of every Republican song known in the […]

An Honor Roll: American Brexit Committee

 AN HONOR ROLL By Michael Cummings In 2016, twenty-three   Americans drawn from a legacy of Irish-American activism were invited by John Dearie* to share their concerns for what Brexit might […]