America & Brexit: The Big Picture

America & Brexit: The Big Picture By Michael Cummings Britain’s current Brexit crisis has its roots in the 1920 imposition of a partition wall around  six counties in Ireland.  Back […]

Shadow Over Sinn Fein Victory

SHADOW OVER SINN FEIN VICTORY;   JOHNSON BULLY TACTICS AND MINISTRY OF DEFENSE   Well done to Sinn Fein and to all those who placed their trust  in their commitment to […]

Terry from Derry: Spring Awakening

Terry from Derry: Spring Awakening By Terry Boyle To quote T. S Eliot, April is the cruelest month. When I lived in Derry, April could well be the wettest month.  […]

All Hail Holy Name: The Emigration of Souls

All Hail Holy Name:  The Emigration of Souls By Sheldon Firem The “present’ is that infinitesimally small half-second of reality we are briefly aware of as we emigrate to the […]

Terry From Derry: Trouble and Strife

Terry from Derry: Trouble and Strife by Terry Boyle In one slight shift between a global pandemic, we find ourselves faced with the threat of war.  It seems that we’re […]

We Get Letters: Full of Fun

We Get Letters  Greetings Sue,  Luckily my local library carries your Irish publication, and I’ve been meaning to write you to tell you how much I enjoyed your December article. […]