Cleveland Comhrá: Opportunities

Cleveland Comhrá: Opportunities by Bob Carney I can’t recall the exact year, sometime in the early seventies, a friend played an album for me he had just purchased. A singer-songwriter, […]

At Home Abroad: Foxglove and Fuchsia

At Home Abroad: Foxglove and Fuchsia  By Regina Costello Like many of you, the recent weeks of living in a vacuum exacerbates my yearning to be on Irish soil.  I […]

Terry from Derry : A Day in the Life

Terry from Derry: A Day in the Life by Terry Boyle Each day starts with the same routine; catch up with family and friends, check FaceBook, Whatsapp, and avoid the […]

Off the Shelf: Actress by Anne Enright

ACTRESS A NOVEL, By Anne Enright W.W. Norton & Company Inc. ISBN 9781324005629 2020 264 pp. Review by Terry Kenneally Actress, by Anne Enright, is the third book reviewed in this […]

Made in Ireland: Akron Irish

  Akron Irish: Made in Ireland By Lisa O’Rourke  I think of toilet paper, paper towels and all the by now cliché items that the snap in normalcy caused people […]

Toledo Irish: Notre Dame Traveling Squad

Toledo Irish: Notre Dame “Traveling Squad” Toledo Connection by Maury Collins Tom King, R.I.P., used to tell me about the Notre Dame “Traveling Squad.”  The members of the squad use […]

Safe Home Dear John Coughlin

John Coughlin September 11, 1931 – May 19, 2020   On September 11, 1931, the world was blessed with the gift of John J. Coughlin, Jr. His humor, kind-hearted spirit, […]