CURRENT ISSUE:  August 2023

Terry from Derry: I Think Therefore AI

By Terry Boyle When the news finally gets away from the rantings of a former president acting like a two-year-old proclaiming his innocence when we all know he’s guilty, we […]

In Conversation Artists and Their Influencers

The Poetry Collection of the University Libraries is glad to announce its participation in the UB Art Galleries exhibition In Conversationartists and their influencers An exhibition drawn from the collections […]

Blowin’ In: Stargazing

  Blowin’ In: Stargazing By Susan Mangan Paint at night those stars in a frosty sky, one brighter than another. Sirius, Orion, Great Bear accustom eyes to deepest pitch that […]

Late Autumn Blessings: Blowin’ In

    Blowin’ in: Late Autumn Blessings By Susan Mangan     If you stand near the uneven shores of the lake long enough and are still, so still that […]

Notes from an Irish Field: Blowin’ In

Blowin’ In: Notes from an Irish Field By Susan Mangan Staring into long shadows cast by the old Rowan tree, I thought so long that my tea went cold. Ruminating […]

Éasca Péasca (Easy Peasy) An Seomra Suí

An Seomra Suí By Margaret Gralinski I wish to stare at the weeping willow out the wide front window with its long, slender branches sweeping the ground as it sighs […]

Blowin’ In: Hidden Still

Blowin’ In: Hidden Still By Susan Mangan “it is gone in a fling of wings off up beyond the ash-tree hedge; you write it down, then in wonder, in words […]

Blowin’ In: Hidden Art

    Blowin’ In: Hidden Art By Susan Mangan       “Stone Crab on an Irish Table” By Susan Mangan Impenetrable armor, molten red, claws dipped in peat colored […]