This Just In: The Murder of an Irish Politician (Movie)

Edited by John O’Brien 

The Murder of an Irish Politician – New Film Flirts with Controversy

“4 out of 5 Stars,” Jason Knight, UK Film Review

“A masterclass in guerrilla filmmaking,” David Byrne, Underground Film Festival, 2023

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What if all the variables collided – you’re from a generation that will never be able to buy a  house, lost your only parent due to a government failing, lost in depression and anxiety and you went on to murder a TD who, in your view, has failed the people. 

That’s what soon-to-be released fictional Irish film ‘Suit Hung. Tied Tongue.’ examines; the horrific concept that violence could happen at any time in these politically polarised times.

It’s a cautionary tale about two brothers who become anarchically radicalised against the state. The fall-out from their crimes brings national outrage, disgust and support. With a similar shock factor to ‘Prophet Song’ but in film terms. 

Suit Hung Tied Tongue

‘Suit Hung. Tied Tongue.’ has been shown at the Richard Harris Film Festival with a nomination for ‘Lead Role’ for Paul St Leger; and has already won ‘Best Feature Film’ at the Underground Film Festival as well as being nominated for ‘Best Feature film’ at The Louth International Film Festival.

It’s also been nominated as ‘Best Genre Film’ at The Vancouver Badass Film Festival. The film was scored by Grammy nominee Dario Rodighiero.

Movie still

A slow burning 94 minutes of film noir, it’s the latest feature film from the award-winning Dublin-born writer and director, Sau Dachi and his production company Standard Practice Productions.

The film, which stars breakout actors Paul St Leger and Alex Eydt as well as William Morgan (Dublin Crust) and Sadhbh Larkin Coyle (Communion). 

Filmed in Finglas, Malahide, The Liberties and Wicklow, Ireland on a low budget and for parts of the film, by the actors themselves, the film follows the lives of two brothers: Sean and Freddie Halpin who through tragic and preventable circumstances lose their mother. Fuelled by the hopelessness of the current abrasive social climate, and left with what they feel is no option, they become unhinged and violent. What follows is a masterful blend of anarchy with poetic leanings. 

Speaking about ‘Suit Hung. Tied Tongue.’ Director Sau Dachi says: “I’ll be interested to see what emotions the film evokes in the general public towards the situations and opinions presented within the story.” 

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