An Eejit Abroad: A Witches’ Brew Awaits in Salem, Mass

Salem, Massachusetts, known for its eerie history with witch trials, is a top Halloween destination. The town’s sinister past is rooted in the 1692 Witch Trials, where over 200 people were accused of witchcraft, and 30 were found guilty. Notable victims include Bridget Bishop, hanged for bewitching young women, and Giles Corey, pressed to death for refusing to plead guilty or not guilty. A memorial now stands in Salem to honor these victims. Salem also boasts the House of Seven Gables, associated with Nathaniel Hawthorne’s supernatural novel. The town offers an array of psychic readings, witch museums, and historical sites, making it a unique and spooky getaway.

Cooking Up a Hooley: Savory Turned Sweet Halloween Coffins

Katie Gagne reminisces about Halloween traditions, with a focus on family memories and a fun recipe for “coffins” made from rolls filled with seasoned ground beef and cheese. Try this easy and creative recipe, especially with the kids.

Editor’s Corner: Halloween Origins Are in Ireland

Learn about the Irish origins of Halloween and discover the words and legends associated with this holiday in Bob Carney’s Speak Irish Column. Also, celebrate the 30th anniversary of Casey’s Irish Imports and join the Annual Al O’Leary Hurling & Camogie Tournament hosted by the Akron Celtic Guards. Don’t miss the Mayo Ball at the end of the month, coinciding with the 20th Anniversary of the Twinning of Cleveland and Achill in Co. Mayo.

Bram Stoker: Cleveland Comhrá

Cleveland Comhrá: Dacre Stoker By Bob Carney “You travel down the path of your insignificant life in ultimate complacency. Safe in your modern world of machines and oblivious enlightenment. Blind […]

Kid’s Craic: The Great Pumpkin!

Kid’s Craic: The Great Pumpkin By Megan Lardie We have Ireland to thank for most of our Halloween traditions. Not only did Halloween actually start in Ireland as an ancient […]

Kid’s Craic: Happy Halloween!

Kid’s Craic: Happy Halloween By Megan Lardie Did you know that Halloween first started in Ireland? It was not celebrated the way it is today though. Halloween began almost 2,000 […]

Cleveland Comhrá: Children of the Night

Cleveland Comhrá: Children of the Night By Bob Carney                    “Listen to them, the children of the night.                         […]

Crossword Puzzle: Spirits of Ireland

Crossword Puzzle: Spirits of Ireland by Linda Burke ACROSS 2 Leamaneh Castle, Co Clare is haunted by the red-haired girl, ___ ____, whose taunting cackles and screams are sometimes heard […]

Kids’ Craic :  Halloween Time!

Kids’ Craic :  Halloween Time! by Dottie Wenger Did you know… Although many people think of Halloween as an American holiday, its beginnings go back to Ireland, long before the […]