Crossword Puzzle: Spirits of Ireland

Crossword Puzzle: Spirits of Ireland
by Linda Burke


2 Leamaneh Castle, Co Clare is haunted by the

red-haired girl, ___ ____, whose taunting

cackles and screams are sometimes heard

echoing from the walls.

4 Ballyheighue Castle, Co Kerry is haunted by a

person holding a _____ and dressed in 18th century

clothing, complete with thigh boots and hat.

7 Cork District _______ Asylum is haunted by

those that were subjected to Hallaran’s chair.

10 Seafield House, Co Sligo where Owen brought

home Egyptian _______ that broughyt out a

powerful poltergeist that would shake the house

and shatter the ornaments

13 The Abbey of the _____ ___, Co Limerick is

haunted by a Fitzgerald Lady who was into the

black arts.

14 The Sharon _______ ,is also said to be haunted

by a “Blue Lady” ghost.

16 On the grounds of Blarney Castle. The 600-

year-old Witch’s ___ ____ holds the ghost of the

Blarney Witch, who first told the Irish people of

the talkative powers of the Blarney Stone.

19 Monkstown Castle in Co. Cork said to be

haunted by a “Blue Lady” ghost.,

23 ________ Castle is said to be haunted by a

“Blue Lady” ghost.

24 Loftus Hall in Co. Wexford is also the home of a

ghost of a young ______.

28 ______ Fort, Co. Cork, is haunted by a ghost

known only as The White Lady who was due to

be married there but committed suicide after

her husband was murdered on the night of their


29 Portlick Castle Co Westmeath is reputed to

have a ghost ________, who has been known

to appear in the dungeons below

30 Lady Maud ________chases her husband’s

ghost through the hallways of Malahide Castle.

31 Glenuilin Co Derry is haunted by Abhartach, the

original male _______ .

32 .The Countess _______ was supposedly buried

alive at The Abbey of the Black HagAG,

Today her screams can still be heard long into

the night.

34 Loftus Hall, County _______ is haunted

by a young girl by the name of Anne Tottenham

who thought she met the decil there.

36 At Duckett’s _____ the somber phantom

music of an organ or harmonium can be heard,

37 Fishermen near Ballyheighue believe they have

seen the ruined walls of an old ______ beneath

them in the water, and the flick of the sea king’s

tail in the waves

40 In early Irish folklore, the bánánach were

preternatural beings, described as spectres

which haunted __________.

41 Lady Isabella Shaw’s ghost is said to walk the

corridors of the__________ Castle, Co.

Antrim and even knock on doors.

45 _______ battlefield, 1691, has its Jacobite

ghosts, Co Galway

46 The _____ Lady is a painting of an unknown

beautiful lady. It is said she leaves the painting

to haunt the Malahide Castle grounds at night.

47 Hunt Seeing the ____ ____ was thought to

presage some catastrophe such as war or

plague, or at best the death of the one who

witnessed it.

48 ______ _____ also known as Jack the Smith,

Drunk Jack, Flaky Jack, and Jack of the

Lantern, is a mythical character apparently

associated with All Hallows Eve.

49 ____ Castle, Co. Offaly, Ireland’s most

haunted castle was home to some brutal

atrocities in centuries gone by the O’Carroll clan.


1 _______ is a female spirit in Irish mythology

who heralds the death of a family member,

usually by wailing, shrieking, or keening

3 Ballybunion Beach in County Kerry is home to

the tale of the Nine _______’_ Hole.

5 The _______ is depicted as a headless rider,

usually on a black horse, who carries their own

head under one arm.

6 _______ Castle, Co. Galway is said to be

haunted by the spirits of the poor and deprived

who sheltered in the castle grounds during the


8 Clonony Castle, Co. Offaly has a ghost

known as ‘The ____ Man’ that has appeared in

the past atop its tower.

9 __________ Castle, Co. Offaly, has many

ghosts including a little girl called Harriet, who

died after a fall in a staircase

11 Miles Corbett was given Malahide Castle by

Oliver Cromwell. His ghost appears as a whole

_______ and then suddenly crumbles into


12 ___ _is the ghost of a jester who fell in love with

Lady Elenora Fitzgerald at Malahide Castle.

15 A spectral _______ haunts the grounds at

Duckett’s Grove in County Carlow.

17 The _______ Gaol s legend has it that those

who died there still roam within the gaol’s walls.

18 Ballinagarde House, Co Limerick has a sinister

figure on horseback, said to be the ______ or

one of his dark apostles.

20 Castle _______ Co. Monaghan is said to be

haunted by the ghost of Norman Leslie who

died during the First World War.

21 Coolbawnn House, Co Wexford is haunted by

Francis Bruen’s _______ girl

22 __________ Hill home of The Hellfire Club, Co

Dublin where devil himself appeared to grant

their wishes.

25 A “Blue Lady” ghost haunts the Workhouse

________in Derry.

26 Castle _____d her husband to his death from

their bedroom window on their wedding night

27 Loughmoe Castle, Co. _________, is said to

be haunted by someone who died there in the


33 ____ Castle, Co. Kerry, where O’Donoghue was

sucked out of the window of the grand chamber

into the waters of the lake where he keeps a

close eye on everything that he sees.

35 A _____is a supernatural double or an

apparition of a living person in Irish folklore and

sightings are regarded as omens, usually for

impending death.

38 _______ Castle, Co. Cork is said to be haunted

by several spirits, with the most famous being

the faceless ghost of Lady Margaret Hardnett

39 Castle Co. Dublin is haunted by Sir Walter

Hussey, killed in battle on his wedding day.

42 Irishman Desmond ______’s ghost is believed

to haunt the airfield at RAF Montrose in

Montrose, Angus, Scotland

43 ______ Hall is a large country house on the

Hook peninsula, County Wexford’s said by

locals to have been haunted by the devil.

44 _______ Boyd’s ghost haunts St Patrick’s

Cathedral, Dublin

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