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We Get Letters

Dear John and the Ohio Irish American News, 

I had almost forgotten about Joe Biden’s Irish heritage, until he became a front runner during the last campaign.  After his victory, stories began to appear about things like a first Presidential overseas trip possibly being to Ireland. 

Before long, it was reported that President-elect Biden had already told British Prime Minister Boris Johnson not to toy with the Good Friday Agreement, nor to consider a hard border in Ireland.  ‘Wow!  We have it going now!’, I thought. 

It was reported today that the Irish group, The Wolfe Tones, have been booked for one of the Inauguration parties!  Such open support for Irish political freedom emanating from the White House is a thing many of us had thought would never happen.  President Clinton is said to have broken taboos by letting Gerry Adams into the U.S.  We can hope this President-elect, will follow through.

Boris has already introduced a bill in English parliament declaring his intention to violate the agreements surrounding the GFA, which have the force of international law.  This could get interesting. 

Britain needs a new trade agreement with the U.S.  The leverage to keep Britain from doing such damage seems to be at hand.  American Irish, whether Republicans or  Democrats, should be full of hopeful apprehension.  We have seen hope evaporate in the past due to the so-called ‘special relationship.’  But why be negative.  Go get’em Joe!

Patrick J. Donlin, Sr.
Warren, Ohio

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