This Just In: Scoil Scairte Launches a Self-Paced Online Hedge School

Edited by John O’Brien 

The Trailblazery launchs brand new, entirely self-paced edition of the award-winning programme, Scoil Scairte: a self-paced online Hedge School. This at-home bilingual course offers lifetime access to 22+ hours of pre-packaged content celebrating the very best of Irish culture, heritage and language, all at your fingertips.

Scoil Scairte is an award-winning cultural learning experience that weaves language, heritage, creativity, indigenous wisdom and kinship with individual, social and ecological wellbeing. More than an Irish class, Scoil Scairte is an immersion into the psyche and soul of a powerful language, culture, people and place.

A new wave of Irish language enthusiasts are coming from all four corners of the world. Since launching in 2021, thousands of participants from dedicated Irish diaspora audiences in North America, Britain, Australia and the Middle East, as well as people all over the island of Ireland, from every walk of life, have participated in the live Scoil Scairte series.

With this boxset edition, everyone can now dive into An Ghaeilge – the Irish Gaelic language, heritage and culture, at their own pace, in their own time, anywhere in the world, perfect for the Irish Diaspora in the USA and beyond.

This self-led course offers a roadmap to help reorient and ground the audience back into a relationship with our cultural heritage and native language.

Plus CLICK HERE to enjoy a behind-the-scenes clip of our Scoil Scairte hosts Kathy Scott and Manchán Magan sharing passionately about what inspires them to keep going with the Irish language.


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