This Just In: Irish History Talks from Clifton House, Belfast

Edited by Jayde Gavlik

Clifton House’s President’s Talk series returns this Autumn, with renowned historian guest speakers. Tickets start at £5, with the talks being broadcast via zoom.

Thursday 26th October, 7pm(GMT):

The wonderful Dr Gareth Russell will speak about Olaudah Equiano: Aristocrat, Abolitionist, and Activist. When best-selling author Olaudah Equiano arrived in Belfast in 1791, his life had already taken him from a childhood in the Benin aristocracy to enslavement on a Virginia tobacco plantation. His life, which highlights the complexities of the late 18th century, forms the foundation of this talk by historian Gareth Russell.

Book your tickets for Gareth Russell’s talk here!

Thursday 14th December at 7pm (GMT):

Guy Beiner will deliver a fascinating talk on Making Croppies Lie Down: Loyalist Remembering and Forgetting of the 1798 Rebellion. Ulster loyalism is known for its commemorative culture and yet the triumph over the United Irishmen in the 1798 rebellion does not feature prominently in unionist remembrance. Contrary to common assumptions, history is not always written by the victors, and sometimes it is even forgotten by them! This talk, delivered by Guy Beiner, will unravel and interrogate this puzzling case of ‘self-forgetting’.

Book your tickets for Guy Beiner’s talk here!

(7pm UK / 11am in California / 1pm in Texas / 1pm in Chicago & New Orleans / 2pm in Ohio / 2pm in New York)

Hero of Belfast: Mary Ann McCracken Talks

Next year Belfast City Council will unveil a special statue of Mary Ann McCracken in the grounds of the City Hall. The Mary Ann McCracken Foundation would love to tell more people about this remarkable woman, in advance of the statue unveiling. The Mary Ann McCracken Foundation is able to facilitate private talks for your organisation or members group. The story of Mary Ann is motivational, inspirational and – above all else – remarkable, given that it took place over 150 years ago.

To arrange a talk via zoom for your organisation, please email [email protected]

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