This Just In: Green Road Concert in Cincinnati!

Edited by John O’Brien 

Green Road, the sensational Irish Folk and Ballad band from Co. Wexford? They are coming to Cincinnati this March for St Patrick’s Day Celebrations!!!
Green Road blend traditional Irish tunes with American folk and Bluegrass featuring lively sounds from 5 String and Tenor banjos, guitar, mandolin, Uilleann Pipes, whistles, and more, for a truly toe-tapping musical experience.
Green Road’s recent U.S. tour boasted sold-out shows in various cities, solidifying their status as one of Ireland’s hottest bands. We would appreciate it if you could consider including the band for the IIrish News Magazine and this fabulous event at The Ludlow Garage on March 14th! 
MUSIC VIDEOS:Rocky Road to Dublin I’m Easy Galway Shawl


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