This Just In: Cleveland International Film Festival Announces 2024 Theme

Edited by John O’Brien 

Cleveland International Film Festival is thrilled to unveil their 2024 Festival theme: IN THE GLOW. This theme celebrates the vibrant energy and excitement that electrifies our arts and film community each spring. Adding to the allure, it also hints at the solar eclipse coinciding with CIFF48. 
This year’s theme, crafted by the Emmy award-winning team at Type Twenty-Seven, bursts with an array of bold colors set against a dark canvas. This design creates a mesmerizing illusion of movement and light, perfectly embodying the spirit of IN THE GLOW.
Brittyn DeWerth, Creative Director and Owner of Type Twenty Seven, stated: “This year, we asked ourselves; ‘How can we express the Film Festival as all-encompassing; something that affects one’s senses, emotions, soul and aura?’ We showed this by using trails of light to emanate synergy. The Festival is a beacon for people to come together, share in this experience, and bask In The Glow.”
We’re equally excited to announce that Fusion Filmworks, an acclaimed multi-Emmy award-winning video production company, is producing the much-anticipated Festival trailer. Their previous work includes the Emmy-winning animated CIFF45 trailer, “Bring Film Home.” Generously sponsored by Jinny and John Johnson, the trailer is set to debut on Opening Night of CIFF48.CIFF48 will unfold from April 3-13, 2024, at Playhouse Square, immediatley followed by CIFF48 Streams, taking place online April 14-21, 2024. The Festival lineup will be announce on Friday, March 8, 2024 on We can’t wait to share this glowing experience with you!
CIFF Announces 2024 Film Festival Theme: IN THE GLOWI

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