Taking the Fields of Glory: USGAA Championships Gallery, Denver, CO. August 18-20, 2023


By John O’Brien, Jr.

Midwest Division: Three Cleveland and three Pittsburgh teams of our Midwest GAA division qualified for the USGAANational Championships,  this year held in Denver.

Each city went to and won TWO of the three U.S. National Championships they qualified for, after winning Friday quarter final and Saturday semi-final games. The losses ALL came in Sunday’s National Championship games.

Friday: ¼ Finals

Jr. B Men’s Football
Detroit Wolftones 3-15 (24) over Donegal Boston 2-04 (10)

Junior B Hurling
Pittsburgh Pucas 3-10 (19) fall to St. Peter’s 3-15 (21)

Jr C Men’s Football
Buffalo Na Fianna 6-10 (28) over James Joyce 3-07 (16)

Cleveland Saints 5-12 (27) over Raleigh Cú Chulainn 0-8 (8)

Jr D Hurling
Cleveland Saints 7-16 (37) over Colorado Regulators 5-9 (24)

Jr D Men’s Football
Atlanta Clan Na nGael 2-09 (15) over Pittsburgh Celtics 1-07 (10)

Cayman Island 2-07 (13) over Cincinnati 1-04 (7)

Saturday: Semifinals:

Jr A Ladies Football:
Pittsburgh Banshees 0-14 (14) over Austin Celtic Cowboys 1-7 (10)

Jr B Camogie
Cleveland Saints 4-5 (17) over Trinity Gaels 0-6 (6)

Jr B Men’s Football:
Detroit Wolfe Tones 1-03 (6) fall to Eire Og 4-21 (33)

Jr C Men’s Football:
Cleveland Saints 3-7 (16) over Denver Gaels 2-7 (13)

Buffalo Na Fianna 0-4 (4) falls to Delco Gaels 2-9 (15)

Jr D Hurling
Cleveland Hurling 7-15 (36) over Thomas Meagher 3-6 (15)

Jr D Men’s Football
Cayman Island 2-07 (13) over Cincinnati 1-04

Premier: Men’s Football
Pittsburgh Celtics fall to Austin 2-17 (23) to 2-7 (13)

Sunday Championships:

Jr A Ladies Football
Pittsburgh Banshees 2-10 (16) over Philadelphia Notre Dame 2-8 (14)

Jr B Camogie
Pittsburgh Na Laochra 4-2 (14) over Cleveland Saints 1-3 (6)

Jr C Men’s Football
Cleveland Saints 2-11 (17) over Delco Gaels 0-5 (5)

Jr D Hurling
Cleveland Saints 2-16 (22) over Raleigh 3-9 (18)

USGAA 2023 National Champions:

Jr A Ladies Football: Pittsburgh Banshees

Jr B Camogie: Pittsburgh Na Laochra (warrior, hero, layman (for the people)

Jr C Men’s Football: Cleveland Saints

Jr D Hurling: Cleveland Saints

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Friday Quarter Finals

Saturday Semi-Finals

Sunday Championships


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