Madigan Muses: Memorial May

May is a month that we honor and remember. On May 1, May Day, or International Workers’ Day is celebrated around the world. Over the past 10 years, May 4 has been a celebration of Mayo-ness. This has become a Global celebration of Mayo. Please visit for more information.

Cinco de Mayo Day is celebrated by many, but do you know what

Madigan Muses: May, the Month of Memorials

  Madigan Muses: May, the Month of Memorials By Marilyn Madigan During the month of May, we honor our mothers and two major memorials: Police Memorial Day on May 15th […]

Blowin’ In: Reciprocal Gift

Blowin’ In: A Reciprocal Gift By Susan Mangan Before my daughter was old enough to fear bugs, we sat, she and I, on our front porch watching a spider weave […]