Blowin’ In: Love Distilled

I stood in the National Library of Ireland in Dublin one grey April day. Silent tears streamed down my cheeks in wonder, in relief, in thanksgiving. My daughter’s

Off the Shelf: Love, By Roddy Doyle

  Off the Shelf: Love, by Roddy Doyle Viking Publishing ISBN 9781984880451 327 pp 2020. Review by Terry Kenneally For any of this columns readers who have read other books […]

Love and Hate: Speak Irish

Speak Irish: Love and Hate By Bob Carney                                                 “B’fhearr liom thú nó céad bó bainne!”                                                     (bar lum who no kayd bo bahn-ya)                                                I love you more than […]

Actually, Love

Blowin’ In: Actually, Love By Susan Mangan “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” ~Albus Dumbledore, J.K. Rowling My youngest is a man of few […]

Seeing is Believing

Terry from Derry: Seeing is Believing By Terry Boyle Some people think of art as a mirror that reflects who we are, warts and all.  However, since the emergence of […]

Blowin’ In: Reciprocal Gift

Blowin’ In: A Reciprocal Gift By Susan Mangan Before my daughter was old enough to fear bugs, we sat, she and I, on our front porch watching a spider weave […]

Young & Irish: Go n-éirí leat

Go n-éirí leat by Mary Kate Campbell It is no secret that the Irish follow a strict adherence to traditions and superstitions. As a kid I was taught to avoid […]