Akron Irish: Everyone Can Play

One lovely June evening, we found ourselves walking away from a riverfront music festival and into an inevitably dank, clichéd hotel bar. It felt counterintuitive to say the least, but we were heading toward a promise, the promise of a great Irish music session. It’s a powerful lure.

Akron Irish: Green Season

Akron Irish

I found out that the overgrown hedgerows were a by-product of a study done by a citizen group. Ireland, again punching above their national weight, were the first country in the world to conduct a Citizens’ Assembly on Biodiversity Loss in 2022.

Akron Irish: Feel the Power

Akron Irish Powerscourt

When friends ask us about planning a trip to Ireland, Dublin is always at the top of their lists. They ask about the pubs, Trinity, Guinness and th

Akron Irish: Gone to the Dogs

Lisa O'Rourke pic

When Did Dogs Become Domesticated? At what point did this happen for dogs? Primitive man was thinking way more about food and making

Akron Irish: Haunted

By Lisa O’Rourke Shane MacGowan has left us after a long illness. In his case, long illness means that he spent over half of his adult life, with “a year, […]

Akron Irish: Naked and Afraid-The Armada Edition

Lisa O’Rourke recounts the harrowing survival story of Captain Francisco de Cuellar, a Spanish Armada captain who found himself shipwrecked and stranded in Ireland in 1591. He endured hardships, encountered English soldiers, and faced perilous situations while wandering naked and afraid. The story sheds light on the challenges he faced and the hospitality he eventually received from the Irish. O’Rourke also reflects on the complexities of historical morality and power struggles during that era.

Akron Irish: Nothing Compares to Sinéad

Sinéad O’Connor, the iconic Irish singer known for her hauntingly beautiful voice and unapologetic activism, has passed away. Her unique ability to embody both old and new Ireland, coupled with her unwavering candor, made her an indelible figure in the country’s cultural and social landscape.