Iowa Irish Fest

Iowa Irish Fest August 2-4, 2024 Entertainment Update will be released in May. Featuring seven stages, Irish Cultural Area, ShamRock N’ Run, High Nelly Bike Rally; Irish Dance, Music, Language […]

Speak Irish: Séimhiú agus Urú

Speak Irish: Séimhiú agus Urú by Bob Carney In the pursuit of the Irish language, we have obstacles to overcome, that at first can be very daunting. Over time, they […]

Speak Irish: Bean an Leanna

Speak Irish: “Bean an Leanna” by Bob Carney   “Chuir mé mó lámh isteach i mo phóca,                             “I put my hand in my pocket, A’s d’iarr mé briseadh leathchorón’ uirthi,                          […]

Speak Irish: New – Old Vocabulary

  Speak Irish:  Tenalach by Bob Carney  The Relationship One Has With The Land, The Air, The Water, A Deep Connection That Makes You One With Nature As little as […]

Love and Hate: Speak Irish

Speak Irish: Love and Hate By Bob Carney                                                 “B’fhearr liom thú nó céad bó bainne!”                                                     (bar lum who no kayd bo bahn-ya)                                                I love you more than […]

Speak Irish: Common Questions

Speak Irish:  Common Questions By Bob Carney Questions are a large part of conversation, and the only way to obtain the information you desire. There are a few things a […]

Speak Irish: Tá Mé Buioch!

Speak Irish:   Tá Mé Buíoch! by Bob Carney  As I was thinking of a topic for this month’s column, perhaps something to do with Thanksgiving or fall, I got a […]

Kids’ Craic :  Halloween Time!

Kids’ Craic :  Halloween Time! by Dottie Wenger Did you know… Although many people think of Halloween as an American holiday, its beginnings go back to Ireland, long before the […]

Speak Irish: Oíche Shamhna

Speak Irish: Oíche Shamhna by Bob Carney Oíche Shamhna (ee-ha how-na) or Samhain Eve (sow-in), Halloween as most of us know it, was the principal holiday for the ancient celts. […]