Illuminations: Gibbet Rath Massacre

The statue of Saint Brigid at the Market Square of Kildare

Explore a somber chapter in Irish history as we delve into the 1798 United Irish Rebellion and the tragic events at Gibbet Rath in County Kildare. Learn about the rebellion, the terms of surrender, and the heart-wrenching massacre that unfolded.

Images of Brigid: Pittsburgh Irish

Pittsburgh Irish: Images of Brigid From Pittsburgh to Kildare, Mayo and Beyond By Elizabeth Myers Last year the Irish Government designated Saint Brigid of Kildare as an official Patroness Saint […]

Cleveland Comhrá: Celtic Harpist Tiffany Schaefer

Cleveland Comhrá: Celtic Harpist Tiffany Schaefer  By Bob Carney The Irish harp or cláirseach that adorns the Irish Euro, as well as the products of Guinness and countless other products and institutions […]